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Twin pregnancy - natural or elective C section?

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Hi Ladies, I know it's a bit early to ask as I'm just wrapping up my first trimester. However, I'm 41, first pregnancy with twins (IVF double embryo transfer) and was wondering whether any of you on here had a natural birth or whether you were offered an elective C section because of the multiple pregnancy and age? I asked my midwife and she said we would discuss at 36 weeks - that seemed a bit late to me as twins tend to come around 36/37 weeks. Any advice or anecdotal experience would be most appreciated. I'm just a bit anxious about everything at the moment.

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Hello hun, I’ve just posted something on sections and got quite a few responses if you fancy reading them, check my profile!

Im looking to have a planned section (one baby) so with twins I would be even more inclined to have one! Just because I’m looking for the safest option for baby and me and to have a positive birth experience with little or no drama/surprises at all! Xxx

Hi! Yes I saw that, and it prompted me to ask myself because I know there are additional considerations with twins and age. The anxiety is never ending...currently waiting for my Harmony Test results....eeeek! Good luck to you, and I will follow you for updates on the journey!

I gave birth to twins just over a year ago by elective c section at 37 weeks. They were conceived via IVF so like you I was very nervous about getting them here safely!

I was told the same that we would discuss it further down the line but I started asking the doctors at my extra scans (you should get them every 4 weeks from 20 weeks) and they were great actually. All said that if I wanted a vaginal birth then they would support that and as long as both were head down then we could go for it but that there was slightly more risk to the babies. I looked at stats and if I remember rightly, roughly 50% of twin mothers that had opted for vaginal birth ended up having an emergency c section anyway. It wasn’t worth the risk for me as I really didn’t want that but it’s a very personal choice and I found the doctors very supportive either way.

The midwifes and doctors will start talking to you about birth plans as you get a little further along and they gave me some websites and information to look at which helped me research. (Sorry I can’t remember them now as they were in my notes which have gone now!)

Wishing you lots of luck with your pregnancy and beyond! X

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Oh and yes I was definitely offered an elective c section, I felt the doctors and midwifes (although very supportive either way) were leaning towards that for the twin birth x

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Thank you for your reply! I will start doing my research and make the choice. Hearing your story really helps.

Congratulations on your wonderful news. I had twins at 30. Natural conception and a pretty easy pregnancy. Lots of scans (itll start to get a little uncomfortable as your little ones start to press down during each scan). I was concerned about birth but kept on talking to midwife team about options. I never wrote a birthing plan but put down preferences such as skin to skin. I never went down the elective c section route as I wanted a vaginal birth. At 38 weeks and 1 day I was worried about the lack of movement, they really didn't have any space left! I was advised that an induction was needed. I went in a couple days later for the induction. Lots of waiting around but finally it started! Had an epidural as I seemed to go from 0 to 100 mph in minutes! After an hour of activity labour both girls safety arrived vaginally. Consultant had to break both sacs but was booted out of theatre. I had to go in there, as you know that there is a heightened risk of second baby being emergency c section but 12 pushes for first twin and 9 for second, all was much better than expected. They were a healthy weight too, 1st was 7lbs 4. 5oz and second was 7 lb 10 oz!! Lovely support and I couldn't have asked for more.

Keep talking through your options but go with what feels right for you and the safest options for your little bundles of joy.

I'm now expecting again at 40 so my twins are now 10 with their oldest being 16! Anxiety is high but again I keep talking to my midwife about each step. Its changed a bit since my last pregnancy!

All the best x

Thank you for your response! I'm so nervous about the vaginal delivery of 2 and something going wrong, but there are pros and cons to both. Congrats on the latest pregnancy as well.


I had an elective C-section (also now called 'abdominal birth' on Instagram) for an IVF baby when I was 47. I took my time to decide and did some reading and asking around but once I made the final decision at around 32 weeks all the worry disappeared. My priority was to minimise risk and end up with a healthy baby safely in my arms, the birth experience was not that important for me; I didn't even write a birth plan! A good friend had her IVF twins also by elective C-section aged 44 and was very happy with how everything went.

Everyone is different, so do you reading, research and talk to the medical professionals. I have no doubt that will know what is best for you and your babies and make the best decision :-) xx

I had my IVF twins by emergency c-section a week before planned c-section - they were both breech. Your consultant will talk through the options at one of your scan appointments much earlier than 36 weeks. I also didn’t make a birth plan and they were presenting transverse or breach pretty much from 20 weeks onwards so it was always going to be a section. I was booked in around 32 weeks. As long as twin 1 is head down they will let you have a natural birth or you can elect for c-section. Good luck x

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