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Conceiving after csection

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How long should one wait in order to conceive after going through Csection and what are the dangers and advantages?

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The recommendations after a c section is to wait a minimum of a year, so your body has time to recover as it's major surgery and they cut through many layers of tissue and muscle that need time to repair. It's probably something to speak to your doctor about in case your circumstances are different and you need more recovery time.

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Lilato in reply to Seb9

Thank you for your response

I've been advised to wait 2 years before having another baby. We're happy with one though. Might also be because I'm an older mum so recovery may take a little longer for me. I'm 42 so not that old but still classed as an older mum.Go with how you feel as well as doctors advice there not always right.

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Lilato in reply to Fudge26

Thank you for your response

I was advised by GP & midwife to wait 18 months however I could try conceive around 12 months then 9 months in pregnancy so when baby is born it will have then been 18 months. I advise to go see Gp for advise too

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Lilato in reply to Shopper85

Thank you for the response too

Hi i had an emergency c section with my first, then fell 8 months after and had another emergency c section at 28 weeks so was complications but this is just my personal experience I think it’s when you feel your body is ready to or speak with doctor.

Would you say you had your baby at 28 weeks due to having a short gap from your last ? I am considering a 2nd baby but I am just 4 months pp at the moment

I couldn’t ever say, I went into labour and started contracting and started with scar dishensea or how ever you spell it🙄 but yeah doctor made the decision to section at 28 weeks. That’s just my personal experience.

I see,I thought it was something to do the csection.How many kgs did the baby weigh?Sorry if that's too personal.

2pound 12 ounce he was needed a lot of care but have the most health little boy now wouldn’t change him for the world❤️

Ok thank you,

Thank you so much

I had a c section in March 2017 and was pregnant again by feb 2018. I think it’s due to how you heal etc. But at my 20 week scan they thought I had placenta accreta (luckily I didn’t) but I think you had to be aware of any issues that may arise but other than that I personally had no issues. Speak with your dr they will be able to advise you further xx

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You are right it depends with the healing thanks for the response

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Shopper85 in reply to Lilato

Yeah my GP said it can take 18 months too heal and 2 years to feel full sensation around your scar area.

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