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LG waking same time every night for the last 2 weeks. She's always been a good sleeper up to now at 14 months


Hi, my little girl has always been a good sleeper, for which I realise I am unbelievably lucky. However, for the last 10 days she's woken between 12-1am every night without fail. She started nursery a few weeks ago and this started the same day that she had her first day nap at nursery. She's not sleeping well at nursery atm so she has to have another nap when she comes home, this isn't too much different to what we usually do because she has late afternoon nap usually but now I give her an hour instead of 30 mins as she's only had 20 mins or so at nursery. At the weekend when she's at home, she will sleep for 1.30 mins at lunchtime like usual.

At night I tried feeding her the first night and she had a little bit of booby but then fell asleep so I put her back in cot and she settled but I don't want to get into the habit of feeding her so since then I've tried controlled crying. She settles after 5 minutes but she still wakes every night ans sobs. I did think it was teething but could it be this if it's the same time

Every night ans she's fine in the day? Slightly loosing my mind. Hoping it's a phase and will end soon! Any tips?!!

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My lb like this he is 2 tho and not at nursery, he was a brilliant sleeper when he was a baby but since he turned 1 he has been a nightmare sleeper and he doesn't have naps in the day, I was hoping it was just a phase he was going through but a year on he still the same.Your LG might be going through it because she has started nursery so it might be the change that is doing it, I hope she settles back down for you x

Thank you for your reply! I have a feeling my little one is similar and might just not need her naps! I hope you manage to get some decent sleep 🥰

It is likely just be the 15-18mth sleep regression. It can hit any time during that period and lasts about 2-6 weeks. My middle one hit it at 15 months and it lasted 3 weeks, right up to the birth of our new addition 3 weeks ago. Thank god she came out of it with perfect timing so we only have the newborn awake at night. If it's the regression it's just about reassuring her you're there, being consistent with your approach and riding it out. Ours was very upset when waking and would wake 2 or 3 times between midnight and 3am. We went in to find her standing in the cot, distressed crying and and reaching to be picked up. So would give her a cuddle in the chair till she calmed down, but then she wanted to play so put her straight back in with as little interaction as possible but she sometimes then started screaming when we left the room. Had to change to just cuddling her whilst standing in the cot, then she would calm down and collapse back onto the mattress with less inclination to mess about.

Our daughter was already on just the one nap in the day, so I just made sure she was down and back up at the same time each day and stopped any variation of timing or leaving her down another half hour for my convenience.

Congrats on your new little one!! Ans thank you that's really helpful. I did feed her the first two nights and soon realised my mistake! Since then it's just a cuddle and back day and a little bit of screaming. Will carry on doing this and ride it out! X


Not enough info about the wake times, so difficult to judge. But my guess would be - you let her sleep too long for the second nap. Most probably she is getting rid of her second nap and needs to increase her wake times. After sleeping for 1 hour she is rested enough to go for 5 hours maybe, but I guess you put her down for the night much earlier than that? If she needs that second nap, wake her up after 20-30 min.

Sobbing could be ok, but could also be the result of TRYING the controlled crying. Trying instead of going through the whole sleep training process, especially when the regime is not perfect, is confusing and stressing them.

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