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Baby straining 20 days old



My 20 day old LB is making these strange straining noises like he needs to poo or pump but nothing is coming out! He kicks his feet when he’s on my breast at times likes he’s in pain.

He’s pooping around 1/2 a day at the moment and is currently being breastfed and formula (more breast than formula). I’m a bit worried as I’m a first time mum and just looking for some advice.

I called my GO about this yesterday who reassured me this is ok but I’m just looking for anyone who’s had similar situations?



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Hi,My daughter also used to do this. If you look up grunting baby syndrome you can find an explanation. Not sure if this is what's going on with your little one but it sounds like it could be.

There's so much going on with little babies' bodies, brain, nervous system etc.

Congrats on your baby xx

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