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Waking 30 mins after bedtime without fail


Hello there!

After nearly 8 months of very frequent night wakings every night we are finally having longer periods of sleep from our LO. Last night was our longest stretch: 7.5 hours. Wouldn’t ever thought it was possible!!

🤞 it continues

We are however still having an issue with him waking exactly 30 minutes after going to bed for more milk as he is so tired he falls asleep. This is something he has done property much since birth. All naps are 30 minutes so he seems to be treating this as a nap. He goes back to sleep afterwards but we were hoping that now he is sleeping better that this would resolve itself but it hasn’t as yet.

Anyone got any tips to help at all please?


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Hi there, my LO did exactly the same. She eventually got better when she started dropping naps - she went from 3 to 2 to 1 between about 8 and 10months. When having 1 nap it was for a good hour or 2 and she started sleeping better at night. She then started sleeping through properly once that nap was gone at about 20months.Don't have any fixes unfortunately, we ended up just riding it out and it got better - it was hard going at times but she's now a great sleeper (and I never thought I'd say that!)

Hi, are you boob or bottle feeding? If its bottle it could be time to change to a faster flow teet so your LO can get more milk faster before dozing off?

How many naps does he have and what is the usual amount of time between waking from the last nap and bedtime? My little one is also 8 months and has 3-4 hours of awake time between his second nap and bedtime, sometimes It’s a bit longer if he wakes up from his nap pretty early and in those cases he tends to fall asleep on his bottle. Could be that putting him to bed a bit earlier if his nap is earlier than planned could help? Or a bigger teat size as another poster has said xx

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