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Pregnancy Rhinitis Help 😩


Hello ladies,

I am 12 weeks tomorrow and all of a sudden at 3am this morning please excuse my language but nasal congestion hit me like a sack of shit! I woke up nose was running at first and now it’s stuffy and I’m all phlegmy. Is it normal for this to hit so randomly? I don’t feel ill other than my usual pregnancy symptoms nausea fatigue etc just all of a sudden this congestion is quite bad. I’ve sneezed every day through this first trimester it was one of the reasons I knew I was pregnant had the odd day of a tiny bit of a stuffy nose but this has hit hard 🤣

Has anyone else had this and can advise what I can do to clear it? 😩

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No advice hun just wanted to say I'm pleased to see a post from you and that you've reached the end of first trimester.Try saline drops or steaming your face with a drop of Vick's. Sorry im no help.

Congratulations lovely 💗😘 hope it eases for you soon xx

Awwww thank you so much! My scan is on Friday and I am absolutely petrified. I can’t say this has been easy or enjoyable because it hasn’t I’ve been so scared the whole time. We have had scans and seen a little heartbeat but every appointment I have been worried. Trying to keep positive lol!

Will defo give this a try tho. Thank you so much xxx

I know exactly how youve been feeling, except the rhinitis. Wish you all the best for Friday lovely let us know how you get on 💗😘

I will do thank you so much! 💗💗

Congratulations on your pregnancy x I used to get this when I was pregnant but I got it in the 2nd trimester I used to rub a bit of vicks round my nose to help it clear, I found that worked for me tho some people are different, I hope you get it sorted out xx

Thank you!

I’ve had it a tiny bit in the first trimester but not like that way it hit me this morning and I’m thinking maybe as it’s coming to the end of my 1st trimester that might be why! I didn’t know if I could use vicks but defo will try it! Thanks again xx

Yep definitely felt congested in pregnancy! It makes wearing masks a lot harder work! My little girl in a week old now and it’s vanished!

I've had this since about week 8 and so bad it woke me up at 4am every night. It gets bad again when baby is going through a growth spurt (now at 28+5). The good news is that your GP should be able to give you permission to use an antihistamine now you're in second trimester. Arrange a telephone conversation to talk it through but I've been taking Loratadine since about week 15 when I just got so fed up with it and read that antihistamine is ok from second trimester onwards but to speak to GP first. I'm in the UK by the way.

Congratulations, just when you thought you could relax , this hits you. Thats how I felt. Ive had it since the second trimester and someday its better some days worst. Comes on mainly at night. I feel like I can breath which keeps me awake. The doctor has prescribed antihistamines and I'm trying a lot of home remedies to help. Yet, its still here. So, I sleep during the day. I gather every pillow I can and prop myself up at night and have created a bedtime routine with method steam, lavender oils, water to hydrate and sugar free sweets to soothe my throat. Ive also started drinking warm milk if I'm woken up by it to help me relax. If all fails, depending on how I feel I just find some to preoccupy my time or start my day with a siesta when I need it. You will get through it, try everything thats natural and speak to your GP. Hopefully, it won't be as bad as mine. But I would stick up a little reminder that this won't last forever and just take it easy, clean that slate of anything you need to do and focus on you and your baby. X

Oh yes I've started to get this too and I'm 17 weeks. But I've had sinus issues before pregnancy so it's just worse. With normal sinus blocking I use a syringe to squirt a mix of water and bicarb... Or is it baking powder.... Up my nose to clear the pipes. It really helped. I'd Google it as there is a proper recipe.

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