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Looking for some reassurance and advice, my LB is 22 months and today I took him to see a pedatric orthopaedic consultant due to a problem with his feet. She asked me all the general questions and then asked about his speech, I think because of the situation in the hospital with masks he hadn’t really spoken and covid has made him quite shy.

I told her he does speak what I would consider the ‘normal’ words and will copy words, he says a couple of words together like ‘there it is’ or ‘it’s gone’. As we were getting ready to leave she told me she could tell he was intelligent and knows exactly what’s going on but if his speech doesn’t improve in the next 6 months I should take him for speech therapy.

I feel like it’s just put extra pressure on and now I’m going to be so anxious about if others are judging if he’s not talking enough. I guess because it was already an emotional appt it’s just made me feel even worse.

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My lo is just like yours, he doesn’t say many words I think it’s so hard atm as they can’t really interact with anyone 😔 my lo hasn’t had his 2 year check up yet but am not worried he will grasp it when he’s ready and he understands what we’re saying xx

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Thank you, that’s exactly it I think because he’s around me so much and I know what he wants he probably doesn’t feel like he needs to say as much. I wasn’t worried until she made the comment it totally took me back x

Hi lovely. I had my lb review the other day my son is 28 month. He is extremely active clever and does everything he should be only his speech bothers me, his sister was speaking lots more by his age. My HV asked me what does he say he speaks less than your little boy, he says no yes want more please its mine go away and does he take directions and does he understand what im.saying, yes he does. she said to me if i feel in the future i want him to have speech therapy then to get in touch but she feels like a lot of boys develop in other things faster and speech will be his last. She said sing Nursey rhymes with him and continue as we are. Lockdown hasnt helped but if you haven't been worried don't let someone that doesn't know you or your son put worry in you. You know him better than anyone the main thing is he's speaking and he'll continue to learn and speak. Xx

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Thank you so much, sounds like my little lb non stop and definitely knows exactly what’s going on. I wasn’t really concerned as I feel it will come in time and that’s re assuring to know about boys speech developing last x

My first two said very few words at age two,.stringed maybe a couple of words. Between two and three their language flourished and I can't stop them talking now (age 3&5).

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Thank you always re assuring to hear from others.

Our daughter was really not saying much at 2 we took her to a speech pathologist and they said they thought it was more her personality type than anything, this was pre covid but she was people adverse from birth. She did about 5 months of speech therapy at preschool in the end (I’m not sure she really needed it but it gave her more confidence.) She is now almost 4 and won’t shut up. I know it can be really stressful but if he’s otherwise fine I’d follow your gut and try not to stress it and if he needs it a little help can work wonders!

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Thank you, he’s always been very reserved even when we could do baby groups he was much more of a watcher add covid to that in new situations he’s even shyer so that’s interesting to know about personality types.

I only know 2 children between 20 -24 months and both of them only say a few words and short 'sentences' like the ones you mentioned... I thought that was fairly common so I'm surprised they consider that something that needs to be looked into...Speech is definitely not the speciality of a pediatric orthopedic so maybe check with your hv and see what they think.

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Thank you, that’s what I thought which is why it took me back a bit when she suggested it. My mum said exactly the same thing, I’ve spoken to the HV previously about speech and she said they wouldn’t be looking for sentences until their 2. I think because I was feeling emotional yesterday I’ve taken it personally that I’m doing something wrong.

At almost 2 it is still very new for them to be talking so much. He may just be more comfortable with showing you signals instead of talking so much. Children blossom in their own time.

One of my girls have development delay but my other twin is okay with talking but they have only just turned 3. May just take time. Hang in there 😌 you got this xx

All children are different but there are standard 'norms' and sounds like your lo is meeting them. My son was 2 in January and he talks loads but he didn't crawl and walk till the later end of the 'norms'.

Don't be too anxious about it, but do follow up in 6 months if needed x

My little boy didn’t start talking until he was 25 months!! If you are happy with how he’s going, don’t let anyone else worry you!

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