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7 month old making straining noises


My baby keeps making these straining noises like he’s trying to get the worlds most difficult poo out. I’m pretty sure they’re completely unrelated to him needing to go though, and they’ve been getting worse/more frequent the last few days.

Does anyone else’s baby do this? Any ideas why? I’m wondering if he’s in pain of some sort - teething or gas, he sort of sticks his stomach out when doing it so his body goes stiff. My partner thinks it’s nothing to worry about but I’m a born worrier! He seems otherwise fine and happy - sleeping, eating, filling nappies as normal.

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All I can say is, if there was something wrong, like if he was feeling discomfort, you'd know because he wouldn't be himself and he'd be whingey. If he seems happy enough, the little love, then everything's probably fine. As to the noises, no clue except maybe it's something he's just figured out how to do, how to make the noise, and he likes doing it?

Is he well in himself otherwise? Is he pooing ok?If so I wouldn't give too.much attention to it, I remember my first at probably similar age or a bit older coughing all the time because my mother would be like ohh little baby has a cough so she'd cough, basically she's do it cause she got a reaction out of it.

Perhaps get it checked out as I know when they are newborns they do make all sorts of funny animals noises but I'm not sure at 7 months as they usually babble then

Hey, my 4.5 LB has been doing this for a few months now. Started as a sign hes pooing and now its also for passing wind and wees. It like strained noise. Im not too worried as hes well in himself and worry is my middle name 🙄🤗. Do what you feel us best to put your mind as ease. You can always try midwife advice line or health visitor x

My 4 month old boy make bit of sound while pooing and it look he is using his force to bring that poo out lol so I onlysmile and get ready to clean up change nappy etc

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