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6 weeks pregnant and have endo pains. Is this normal?


I am 6 weeks pregnant with my 2nd pregnancy. This pregnancy feels totally different to with my son. I have so many endo type pains. I am not sure whether is a normal or I should be concerned. Pains feel like endo pains but also have pains in my buttocks. I do have sciatic nerve issues from carrying my son.

Just wondered if anyone else had this in their pregnancy? I have my 8 week appointment booked but not sure they will be able to ease my concerns of issues with pregnancy then. Just so worried about warning signs of a miscarriage or complications as I did have pre Eclampsia with my son in 3rd trimester.

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Congratulations hun It can be normal especially beginning with all the hormones rising rapidly. I had Endo pains beginning of this pregnancy I've also got sciatica and real bad adhesion pains my endo pains have eased after first trimester. I never had them with my son either. The sciatica and adhesion pain has got worse further along I've got. I'm 27 weeks now. Hopefully it'll ease for you once you've passed first trimester i have seen some women struggle all the way through with it. Xx

Thank you for your reply. It's good to know that this has happened to others. I just had no endo pains with my son and endo only started flaring up about 6 months ago. He is 2 now so had a long run of no pains at least. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well. Not long now!

Breast feeding kept my pains away for 2 years with my daughter as soon as i stopped they hit me like i brick wall. I couldn't feed with my son too much went on after that and pains been a real nightmare. I hope you get some relief soon lovely xx

I have Stage 4 Endometriosis and still had my Endometriosis pain throughout most of my pregnancy. I had a lot of anxiety as I had heard pregnancy stops your symptoms but it didn't for me! Honestly, I was seen 3 times in the EPU as I was terrified the pain was miscarriage associated. I went on to have my little boy at 39 weeks with no problems. Wishing you all the best. xx

Thanks so much. Am glad it's not just me worrying about this. With my first I had no endo pains and my endo improved a lot. The fact we have got pregnant a 2nd time is a shock as we had so many issues with my son (literally 2 weeks before we found out I was pregnant with my son they told me my tubes were blocked and they were going to remove them so could have IVF). So I think am way more anxious this time around. Hope all goes well with your arrival and you enjoy the adventure x

What is endo pain? Pain in your ovaries?

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