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Early scan


Hi, has anyone every had an early scan thinking they were further on but it showed nothing? I had one today and nothing showed now I’m starting to panic. :(

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Hi Shelbs

Sorry you are going through this. How many weeks are you? What did the sonographer suggest after the scan? When you say nothing, was a heartbeat detected?


Shelbs84 in reply to Ladypii

I thought I was 8 weeks but I must be only 5/6. The sonographer said looks like 6 weeks but no visibility of any dot or anything to show.

Ladypii in reply to Shelbs84

Im really sorry to hear that. Did the sonographer refer you to EPU? Or ask you to come back to confirm next week? X

Shelbs84 in reply to Ladypii

Asked me to come back in 2 weeks time

Is it possible that you’re not as far along as you thought? If you’re measuring 5wks, maybe 6, it’s normal to not see much on the scan as baby is just too small. I had my first scan at 5wks and couldn’t see anything, the sonographer measured a space in my uterus to confirm pregnancy. I went back at 8wks and I could actually see a tiny little bean on the ultrasound & the heartbeat, so try not to worry yourself x

Shelbs84 in reply to Ally669

Thanks I think your right I’m not as far gone as I thought I’m only around 5/6 weeks. x

Hi, oh how scary! Try to stay positive. Call your local EPU as they can test your hcg levels etc x

I had one at 6 weeks thinking I was more around 8 or 9 and couldn’t see much on it, did they find the pregnancy sack? They did for mine and the tiniest little peanut shaped baby, when I went to my 12 week scan baby was hiding low so had to do internal scan so it’s possible that baby might be hiding! I now have a healthy and bouncy 10 month old, hoping everything goes okay for you! Pregnancy isn’t without its worries at any stage😔

Shelbs84 in reply to Rox9797

Yes the sac was there but nothing showing inside it so it must be too small. Got to wait 2 weeks now for my next scan. x

Hi sorry you are going through this stressing moment.Like others have said it could be that your dates are wrong and you are not that further along in your pregnancy as expected.

However if the sonographer suggested 6 weeks then a sac should be seen.

If a sac was seen but no yolk then don’t be too stressed.

I had a scan at 6+3 and a sac was seen but no yolk which made my pregnancy of uncertain viability I was so scared but after the two week wait everything was fine there was a heartbeat and the pregnancy was viable.

You could also ask to go the EPAU (Early Pregnancy Assesment Unit) where they can do a blood test to check your hcg levels.

All the best with your pregnancy x

Thanks, I spoke to the midwife and she said to do a pregnancy test as it is the same hcg levels and this confirmed I’m still pregnant. I have my next scan in 2 weeks so will have to wait until then. x

I went for a early pregnancy scan last week thought I was about 6 weeks was just under they confirmed sac and the yolk sac to and I've got told to go back in 2 weeks so next week must of ovulated later then I thought.

Shelbs84 in reply to Louise2397

That’s good hopefully in 2 weeks will all be fine x

I had an early scan with my current pregnancy, I thought I was around 7 weeks, I went privately after having a previous miscarriage. She said I was measuring just over 5, then when I went for my 12 week scan (when I was was 12wk exactly) they said I was measuring 13wk+2 days. They said at such an early scan it’s very difficult to measure and give an exact date that’s why the try to do your dating scan around 12 weeks. I’m 23 weeks now with a very active girl but I still worry after having a miscarriage!! Try not to worry it’s great that you’re still testing positive.

Shelbs84 in reply to Ni85

Thank you x

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