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I'm due to start work tommore but not sure I'm ready to leave my youngest who is 10 months old

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Are you able to speak with your work about a phased return? Hope all goes well x

I think maybe this is something to have discussed sooner rather than later.For most people the return to work is driven by finances. Perhaps if your finances allow you could speak to your employer about either delaying further or reducing the hours you spend at work?

Lots of people feel anxious about returning to work in my experience found that this reduces once the new routine settles down.

Hope you find a decision to suit you and your family.

Probably a bit late now as you posted 2 days ago but I didn't want to return to work either so I handed my notice in but had to work for a certain period due to mat pay anyway. Covid hit and I ended up working 4 months longer, leaving for 6 months and now I'm back. I really struggled not working even though I loved caring for my son. He is 2 now and loves nursery so that make a big difference to when they are 10 months x

boobear17 in reply to MissEd

I managed to go back to work just spoke to my boss about cutting my hours down for a few weeks untill I've settled in and feel confident for my kids

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