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6 weeks and 5 days pregnant discharge


Hi guys, so I'm 6 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I just went to the toilet, sorry for tmi but as i wiped there was a 5-6 cm snot like discharge that was a light yellow colour. Is this normal? I know there is an increase in discharge in pregnancy but I've never seen anything like that. I smelled it to ensure it wasn't due to infection and no smell. It's my first pregnancy where I've got to this point. Waiting for my scan next week. Can it be anything to do with my mucus plug? Can't help but worry. xxx

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It can be normal don't worry asking there was no blood in it. Discharge through pregnancy changes also but if you ain't bleeding or not in pain it's a normal thing it's your hormones changing xxx

Masief in reply to Sodown

Thanks so much, so easy to worry when you haven't been through it before!

Masief in reply to Masief

There was no blood either x

Is very normal for your vaginal fluid to change, you've gotta lots of hormones floating round and it's quite common to have jelly like vaginal fluid. Your mucus plug won't come out till you're around 37 weeks plus.

Masief in reply to Seb9

Thanks so much reassuring to read your replies x

I had this exact thing at 6 weeks 2 days! But I think it’s normal xx

Masief in reply to MiniS5

Thanks MiniS5, I'm relaxed about it now. Haven't had anymore. I've read between 6-7 weeks that the mucus plug forms so maybe something to do with that? X

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