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My LG’s eyes.. 👁 👁


Being a parent; it’s one worry after another isn’t it? 😳

This morning while taking pictures of my LG I noticed that one iris looks darker than the other. I’ve analysed (zoomed in and cropped etc etc) all of the pictures I’ve taken this morning and it doesn’t appear noticeable in any of the others except this one. The thing is, is that I’ve noticed it a few times in pictures before but thought I was imagining things. Anyone advise? Or am I just worrying over nothing? 🤪

She’s 18 months

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If you're concerned I'd make an appointment with your GP or health visitor. I don't think any diagnosis on here would be of any help xx

Tugsgirl in reply to Seb9

No, I know, you’re right it’s just I was kinda hoping for someone to tell me I’m being silly because it’s damn near impossible where we are to get an appointment with a GP and she hasn’t seen the health visitor since she was about 6 months old xx

Seb9 in reply to Tugsgirl

I took my daughter mid pandemic to the doctor because I thought one eye drooped a bit more than the other.The GP was very sweet and double checked her for me and pronounced her perfect, so I'm with you on the worrying about every little thing. I would just have worried even more if someone on here had told me it was something they could see too 😁😘

Iris colour can continue to change up till the age of about 3 so I wouldn’t be surprised if one eye looks slightly different than the other. When I was little I had one blue eye and one brown until they both went brown. I would say if you are concerned though to speak to your gp or health visitor to put your mind at rest x

My daughters eyes changed from bright blue to green over the years not sure colour shades makes a difference if u don’t want to see dr an optician might be able to help.

Iris colour can change in children, I dont think this is anything worrying, eyes will never be the exact same colour either its natural

I think she looks beautiful and nothing to worry about but you must consult GP if your worried.

Tugsgirl in reply to Rainbowhope

Ahh thanks xx

Hubby has convinced me that it’s just the angle/trick of the light sometimes because I’ve scrutinised every picture of her and he’s right, in most pictures her eyes look the same xx

Look at her eyes not through pictures but naturally.

I did see this too with my son when he was in the newborn stage, one iris was slightly lighter in colour then the other and he has brown eyes.

His eye colour was changing on a regular basis I even thought he would have really light brown eyes at one point.

It’s nothing to be worried about as their permanent eye colour doesn’t set until 3 years old. But if you do have a concern you can contact the doctor or optician x

Thank you for the reassurance. I’ve only ever noticed it in a picture, never in the flesh. It’s probably me being an overprotective paranoid Mummy lol xx

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