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Toddler won't eat home cooked food!


Hi all, I'm desperately wanting to make my 2 year old's food myself to save us money but he refuses to eat anything that isn't pre-made.... we buy the Hipp Toddler meals. I don't want him to go hungry so I will cave in and feed him the Hipp food. What can I do to encourage him to eat homemade food?

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Maybe you could try imitating the hipp meals, ie a chicken casserole (im not sure what they do) my LG had a few pouch meals but then refused them just over 1 yr old, but i cook a lot and she was encouraged to try things as a this all he has ever eaten? Not only are they expensive they wont be as nutritious as homecooking either. Do you cook and all sit down together for meals so he can see you all eating the same? This might help. I would just remove them and make your own food, if hes hungry he will eat eventually, sounds harsh but he will. My LG went through a stage of not wanting things i had cooked but i just said well theres nothing else, unless it was something I knew she wouldnt really like, but we try her with lots of different foods. Try making soups with lots of veggies in then puree smooth, casseroles with rice/pasta. Or pasta tomato sauce (homemade)and cheese. It may be he is so used to the flavour of those pouches at the moment but you might just have to go cold turkey xx

Mix the two, so give 1 spoon hipp then 1 spoon home made to trick him he is eating the prep meal. If he feeds himself then mix the two so he gets used to the flavour

Yes good idea and slowly wean him off!

Just an idea. I did it with a toddler whom wouldn't eat prep meal but would eat her yoghurt so I did 1 spoon meal then 1 spoon yoghrt then she eventually got it and didn't fuss

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