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Five month old struggling


Hi!! Looking for some advice.. my five month old daughter is struggling and I'm getting nowhere with anyone. Currently third time I've changed her milk she's been on this third one over a month, we ended up in hospital yesterday due to inconsolable screaming and not pooing for five days! Her poo has been thick and very dark green almost looks like clay she's vomiting alot after feeds her nose is constantly blocked and I can never get her to settle to sleep until roughly 5-6am I queried a intolerance with her health visitor a few weeks back but she barely looked at her and said she's not showing typical symptoms!! I'm at my wit's end seeing her constantly unhappy. Any suggestions guys?? 🤞

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I would try and book an appointment with your doctor if your health visitor isn't being helpful.What milk do you have her on?

She's currently on Sma anti reflux

Seb9 in reply to kyliebell

I would phone the doctor and get an appointment for your baby.

My little one has a blocked nose and she sometimes doesn’t feed properly. I have to take her into the shower with me and the steam helps. But your issue seems greater if the pops are that consistency. How many ounces is she taking in a day? You could take her to children’s a and e if she’s not consuming enough milk otherwise you need to get the GP to refer her. You may have already tried this but have you tried changing her bottles and tried anti colic drops.

Done all the colic ways.. infacol colief gripe water and she uses mam anti colic bottles she's drinking six ounces every 3-4 hours so her feeding isn't the issue it's how she is after every feed

Definitely sounds like something to do with the milk so try the GP or infant feeding specialist

Hello love, sorry to hear your having such an issue. My son was also sensitive to milk some weeks after he was born. Never really had colic issues but I used a company called Waleda teething and colic granules, a little pricy but worth it. I switched him to SMA lactofree and that seemed to work. Essentially you need the GP to look into it or a referral as soon as. There is a milk called nutrmigen for babies with allergies and sensitivities but need to be prescribed by a health are professional.

The anti reflux milk will be thicker which is why the vomit will be thicker and more likely to be constipated. However the green poop is a bit odd unless teething... My kids always got smelly green poop for a few days. Have you tried speaking to your gp instead of HV? In general GP deals with this sort of lot a more than a&e.

That seems like classic allergy symptoms for cmpa. There's some good resources online which explains. There are different formula the GP will try, first one that is hymogonised so still has some in there (as it's cheaper for the NHS). Then if that doesn't work there are amenio based ones . Good luck and keep pushing with the gp

roxannacar in reply to Lesmec

It's not just that extensively hydrolysed is cheaper it's also that it tastes much better than the amino acid ones which are rank. Also 90% of babies with cmpa get better with extensively hydrolysed.

Lesmec in reply to roxannacar

Yes, very true.

Sorry to hear about this. You can try using the nasal aspirator from the link below to help clear her

The vapouriser was a life saver as well. We’ve been using the winter rescue oil which has really helped our 2 month old baby. I’d call a doctor asap to discuss the feeding issues. It may be that she’s not being able to feed well because of her blocked nose, but best to get professional advice. All the best!

Hi Kylie. Sorry you are having such a harrowing time. It might be worth trying donated human milk instead of formula. Especially if you could receive donations from dairy free humans.

She may have cows milk allergy and reflux. Speak to the gp and point all the facts out I had to research everything and my little one has both . Dont let them fob you off x

Had enough yesterday I made sure I got my concerns out clearly to the health visitor and gp so they have now done me a prescription for alimentum similac milk so fingers crossed this helps her.. thanks everyone


this definitely doesn't sound like reflux, I would not give her anti-reflux milk. As said above, they are thickened with starches, hence not pooping for days.

It cannot be colics, as she is older than 3 months. So don't need to give any anti colic drops either.

Best of all would be to discuss this with the pediatrician in person and maybe test against cow's milk allergy. If this is not possible, I would try the hypoallergenic formulas that have HA in the name. Lots of brands have them, like Hipp HA for instance.

Can give her a teaspoon of water here and there. Anyways, you would be starting with solids in a month.

roxannacar in reply to Katja123

I'm afraid there isn't a test for CMPA, it's a trail on special milk.

My lb was like this when he was born and it turned out he was lactose intolerant, I had to get colif drops to put in his milk to help him, and ow he is older he has grown out of it, defo get on to your gp about it x

Sounds like Cows Milk Allergy - ask your doctor for a prescription to Aptamil Pepti 1 or Nutramigen!

Kata89 in reply to CLCP

This worked wonders with my daughter, ask for it! Definitely get your GP on board

They've given her some alimentum similac milk but shes refusing to drink it the smell is awful on it x

My 5 month old was similar in ways but it was her eczema which brought us to her GP who then put her on prescription formula-nutramigen. The vomiting, inconsolable crying, wind and skin has settled since still flares up at times like a different child now

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