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Advice - 35 weeks pregnant, hip pain when sleeping

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Hi all,

I’m 35 weeks pregnant and sleeping has become a nightmare🙈 My hips are so painful in the night from lying on my side. I’ve tried a pillow in-between my legs, as well as under my bump and behind my back. My poor husband’s nearly falling out of the bed from all the pillows haha. Has anyone got any advice?


10 Replies
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Hi, I'm 36 weeks pregnant and having the exact same issue... I ask my husband to massage me and then use a hot water bottle.... it helps only the first hour in bed unfortunately... hoping for others on this thread to come up with some remedies

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Hiya I've just had my baby but had this issue it's funny because they recommended to sleep on your side but I couldn't do it for long I just slept on my back sometimes with the pregnancy pillow round my neck for support it's very uncomfortable but will soon be over

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Congratulations xx

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Thank you ❤️

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Can your husband sleep on the sofa or spare room? I had a big u shape pregnancy pillow and found that really helpful. I couldn't always sleep on my left hand side so did switch it occasionally and sleep on the right.I also found doing some gentle stretching and bouncing on my exercise ball helped with hip pain.

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My only advice would be to invest in the BB hug me pregnancy pillow if you can! I had this at the same time in my pregnancy and slept through the night with no hip pain the first night of using it! I was reluctant to spend the money on it but I’m glad I did. The pillow I was using before just wasn’t moulding enough under my bump and did absolutely nothing to support my hips. I used it everyday when baby was born too and am pregnant again, so it’s definitely getting lots of use from us.

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Mine have really been hurting too - use the pillows as best you can! The other thing I’ve done has been gentle stretching and yoga - there’s some good pregnancy videos on YouTube - try this one, and see if it helps? I’ve done quite a lot of hers, and they feel like they’ve been helping a lot, just start off gently and make sure you’re doing ones recommended for third trimester!

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Oh thank you, will have a look 😀

I won’t lie I slept on the couch for the last few weeks as my hips and the insomnia made lying in my bed impossible! As turning to get out the bed felt like I was turning a double decker bus 😂 xxx

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Hi ladies, thanks for all your advice. I kicked hubby out for the night last night and used ALL the pillows and had a much better sleep. Hope everyone else managed to get some rest😴❤️

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