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Worrying about line progression!*pregnant*

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I know this might seem daft as my lines are quite dark but I’m worried that this mornings looks slightly lighter?! I should be either 5 or 6 weeks pregnant and I’ve turned into a pee on a stick addict!

I got these cheap tests from coop, the top one I took yesterday lunch and the bottom I took fmu and it’s just made me nervous that it’s not mega darker?!

Sorry if this is dramatic but after a loss before I’m full of anxiety.


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Hey hun, congratulations on your pregnancy! I’ve looked at both pics carefully and to be honest it doesn’t seem lighter at all! The thing is they are both quite dark so unlikely it will get any darker! Why don’t you take a beta HCG test so it’ll help with nerves when you see it rising! Sending love xx

Thanks so much for replying hun!! Thankyou for saying that it’s made me feel better! I was debating ringing and trying to get a blood test but I’m not sure they’ll let me have one!? It sounds daft because I have a perfectly healthy 15 month old here just my anxiety is all over! Xx

Completely understand the anxiety. Defo doesn't look lighter to me! Id put away the tests now hun. Your pregnant. Perhaps arrange a beta if it'll make you feel better. U having an early scan? Congratulations! Xx

Thankyou hun! Deffo stopping testing now! It must just be my eyes playing tricks on me, you know when you get line eyes, I think mines going the other way haha. But yes I’ll ring today as talk about booking a beta! I had that with my son and it really helped my anxiety knowing my levels were rising as the should! I’m going to book a private one I think as I don’t think they’ll let me have one through nhs altho I have been having cramps which is why I’m worrying so much I think! Xx

O bless you. I understand the worry. I remember you from the fertility site. I also have a son and I vaguely remember having cramps like you are experiencing. I think that's defo wise having an early scan. 12 weeks is waaaaay too long. How exciting for u! ☺️💗 Xx

Aw love, I remember you too how’s your little one doing?! And yes deffo going to book an early scan, can’t wait that long haha, I’m just deciding when to go for an early scan, I don’t want to go too early and risk not seeing enough if that makes sense?! Thanks so much hun 💕xx

He's doing fab thank you. And your little one? How exciting, a sibling! I can't stop kissing his little face, sometimes he tolerates it sometimes he runs away 😂🥰 Feel v v thankful for him but still doesn't stop me wanting a sibling for him. Fingers crossed for more science 🤞xx

Aw good I’m glad! My little one is doing great thanks, not long been walking and omg he’s all over the place haha! Such a cheeky boy, he’s the same with me when I give him kisses hahah. No that wanting for a sibling doesn’t go away does it?! Fingers crossed 🤞🏼 and sending you lots of love and baby dust ✨💕xx

I think there's probably a limit to how dark they can get rather than it saying anything about the pregnancy's progressing. Hope the anxiety settles soon xxx

Thanks so much for this message! I was wondering that but saw a lot on google that said their control line was lighter than the actual test so it’s made me panic! Thankyou, I think having an early scan will settle my anxiety❤️Xxx

Congratulations, I cage really see much of a difference, they both look super strong and clear.I've done about a dozen tests now, mostly cheap Co-op ones and they all look very similar to yours. Best of luck x

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