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Toddler attending nursery


Hi ladies, my lb is approaching 2 years old and im wondering whether I should send him back to nursery during this pandemic. It would only be for 2 days a week. However, he stays with his grandparent for 3 days a week and I’m not sure how high the risk is. What are thoughts? How safe are the nurseries? I just want him to develop and interact with other children and I know it’s a personal choice... but what are your thoughts?

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I wouldn't be risking it at the moment, my little girl is looked after by grandparents and I've thought about her going to nursery too for socialisation but I can't do it and risk her giving it to her grandparents as they're all in high risk groups. I think once they've been vaccinated and there are less cases I would probably rethink and look at getting her into a few days of nursery, but until we see a major drop in cases I won't be risking it.

destiny121 in reply to Seb9

Yes that makes sense and your obviously doing the right think.... his grandparents don’t agree with the vaccination though and won’t be having it.... so really not sure what to do tbh

Seb9 in reply to destiny121

Oh gosh that's very difficult then. I think it's terrible the misinformation being spread about the vaccine which is putting people off having it. It's criminal that people will put their health at risk because of it. You've definitely got a hard choice ahead. Best of luck with it xx

I took my lb out of nursery before Xmas because of the rise in infection. He's just looked after by grandparents. When they get the vaccine I will consider putting him back in but until then.....I won't. Our nursery constantly has staff isolating and is often shut at short notice now cos of the rise in cases. Xxx

Errrmm good point I didn’t think of them closing at short notice etc... and I’d still be locked into paying... my lb is nearly 2 and still not talking.... he’s very verbal and is trying but I worry that he’s not developing with no interaction with others..... and if he was in nursery he’d be speaking by now😬😬.... it’s so frustrating... just want to the best by him you know!

I understand. I also worry a little about my boys development but plenty of babies and toddlers don't go to nursery and are at no disadvantage developmentally to those that go. Toddlers all develop differently and at different ages. Please don't worry. My friends daughter was chatting at 1 and at 18 months pretty much talking and she's been solely looked after by grandma and parents with no other interaction. My niece is 2 goes to nursery full time and doesn't talk much at all 🤷🏼‍♀️. Xxx

Thanks for the reassurance it’s very much appreciated and I totally get where your coming from...they all develop at their own pace... I must remind myself of this time to time as there’s so many other thing to worry about at this awful time..... thank you xxx

I send my daughter 2 days a week as I work from home all week and entertaining her can be difficult at times. She's also 2, but my parents live some distance and aren't able to help with childcare. I'm also only video calling grandparents as they're very vulnerable. I think if my daughter visited them during this pandemic, I wouldn't be sending my daughter to nursery. It's obviously personal choice but I don't think it's worth the risk x

My son and I live with my parents who are in their 60’s. My son started nursery in September and loves it, he’s 3 in a week and is very behind with his speech and language. Both my parents (who have him when I work) insisted he still go to nursery for his own benefit. There hasn’t been a single case in the nursery the entire time and since he started he’s come on so well. He couldn’t even say mummy in September and now he’s using some 3 work sentences. He absolutely loves going to nursery. They have a huge outdoor wood area with trees to climb, tree houses and dens etc and they spend the whole day outside weather permitting. They even eat their lunch outside.

This is the very reason I’d like him to go back. When he’s with the grandparents they just leave the tv on all day....I’m going to have a serious think and see. I’m swaying towards sending him Thursday and Friday then he’ll be home for the weekend and then Mondays back his nan. It’s so difficult but I want to help him reach his speech milestones. Thanks for your reply very helpful xx

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Yes my little one is going to nursery for the first time in April and I’m actually really looking forward to him having the opportunity to see other little babies. It’s something I’ve felt anxious about for a while that his whole life he’s barely seen anyone. Adults are much more likely to catch it than little ones but obviously they can still get it and it is more infectious now, but his grandparents don’t live anywhere near which although it’s been very hard it of course makes the decision to take him to nursery easier (not that I have a choice; I have to go back to work).

My 3 year old is at nursery 3 days a week and I actually increased to 4 days, mainly because I now have to homeschool my 5 year old and look after my 3 month old (I'm on mat. Leave). She was in through the first lock down (both hubby and I key workers). Grandparents do not look after the kids at all, so my situation is very much different.The tricky bit is that if your kid hasn't been at nursery long they are likely to get other stuff eg my daughter was off for a week as had fever with tonsillitis (negative test). So you have to factor that in too. I think they've only had one case at nursery (in a different bubble so far)... But saying that I do wonder how many people test their young kids and do it properly (as you need to the take the swab yourself).

Anyways food for thought.

My 3 year old got COVID at nursery after there was a case there. Luckily nursery had contacted me so he was self isolating when he got symptoms so we hadn’t seen anybody. The whole household then came down with it. My 1 and 3 year old are now going back to nursery but should have some immunity now. I’m a key worker so they have to go as I need to go back to work. They also go to my moms on a Wednesday but my parents have had both had their first vaccines now as well. There hadn’t been a case at our nursery then the time there was he caught it.

If you want to have regular contact with grandparents I would avoid nursey. I know some parents that have most likely caught it through their kids and nursey.

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Yes I know.... it’s just so difficult at the moment 😬

I can't believe the nurseries are still open and yet my 4 year old cannot go to school. They allow little children to mix and touch everything and of course they put everything in their mouths.... I have a 17 month old and no way would I send him to nursery.

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