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Hi guys

Today I took an at home pregnancy test today 3 days before I’m due to come on! I just knew I was, but this time last year I found out I was pregnant as well and made it too 10 weeks! But unfortunately suffered a horrible miscarriage. It’s such a bitter sweet moment because I’m so happy to see 2 lines after just 1 month of trying! But then I’m thinking it’s too good too be true again (like what are the chances of it happening straight away twice) im getting anxious! Anyone else been through this and how did you deal with it? I was so happy then anxiety hit.

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Hiya, firstly congratulations!! The same happened to me, I miscarried my first at 9 weeks and three months later got a positive test again. The miscarriage did mean that the second pregnancy was a lot more anxiety filled unfortunately but there are some things I can tell you that might be reassuring. A lot of women have a first pregnancy that doesn’t work out, it’s almost like a practice run for your body, and in many/most cases the next pregnancy goes onto be successful. I’m now 28 weeks pregnant!!

Also, I know this is waaay easier said than done but it’s a really long slog to all the milestones, try to limit your worrying as there’s literally nothing you can do to influence the outcome, what will be will be. I promised myself I’d stop worrying once I hit 12 weeks, then once I’d had the 20 weeks scan, then once I could feel baby move. I’ve broken all of these promises and still worry daily about everything and it’s bloody exhausting 😂 So if you can keep busy and not google too much it’ll save you a lot of stress and I wish I’d had someone to say that to me.

One of the ways I kept myself sane was make a list of milestones and tick them off one at a time. So I used the clearblue tests with the dates on and ticked off 1-2, 2-3 and then finally 3+. Then I booked an early scan, and so on, every little milestone and date one tick at a time.

I hope that helps 😊

Hi thanks for your advice I’m so nervous but I have my little 3 year old keeping me busy thank God. Yes definitely can’t help but worry but I will try and keep positive for sure... yes I will keep a diary of all the milestones thanks for that. Wishing you all the best as well and thanks again x

Congratulations on your positive test.

I had a missed miscarriage at our 12 weeks scan on my first pregnancy and then went on to have a successful second pregnancy, but it was so difficult getting to that first scan was so scary, it felt like time stood still until they said baby was ok.

I'm now 8 weeks pregnant and terrified again of having the same outcome as the first pregnancy. I'm doing my best to try and forget about it is much as I can and just get to the scan.

I've done about a dozen tests and they keep getting stronger but I'm stil bracing myself for a bad outcome, so that I'm prepared. I go over what happens if I have a missed miscarriage again and what we do afterwards. I feel like that's a bit of my coping strategy, prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Hopefully for both of us the worry isn't necessary and we have great pregnancies, I'm in bed currently feeling sick, so I'm taking that as a fairly positive sign.

Congratulations again and hope everything works out for you xxx

Hi thank you for your reply! Congratulations to you also! Yes prepare for the worse and hope for the best is definitely to strategy I’m currently using! I never had sickness with my son or my last pregnancy but I already can’t eat much and slightly nausea so I’m taking that as a good sign too. Thanks for your advice and wishing you all the best throughout this pregnancy xx

I was pregnant with my 3rd found out at 12w it was blighted was told mc are common and usually your next is fine and to most it probably is but I had another 4 losses it was very hard emotionally and at my age I felt time was definitely not in my side. But I’m currently 22w at 40 the first 19w we were basically taking day by day scan to scan but now I can feel him I’ve let go feeling anxious & I’m enjoying it now. Totally understandable why you feel the way u do just be positive and take it a step at a time. X

Hi Oh gosh that is awful I’m sorry you had to go through that! But it’s amazing now your 22 weeks and feeling your baby move! Must feel so amazing for you, happy for you! Yes I will definitely take each day at a time and thank you for sharing your story and all the very best on your pregnancy xx

Congratulations!Exactly the same here.

Had a missed miscarriage at 10 weeks in August and found out I was pregnant again less than 2 months later. Super excited but, like you, it was stressful. We had an early private scan at 10 weeks and all was perfect but I was still terrified for the NHS scan at 14 weeks. Thankfully all still seems ok and I’m now 17 weeks but anxiously awaiting 20 week scan. I think it’s normal for all women to be anxious during pregnancy, especially if you’ve suffered a previous loss. I just keep trying to stay positive and willing this baby to grow 🤞🤞🤞 xx

Hi thank you I’m still in shock just processing it all ☺️ Congratulations too you also must of been amazing seeing your little bundle of joy! Thanks for your advice I will try and keep positive. All the best to you on your pregnancy journey xx

Hi Huge congratulations to you too! But I’m sorry you had to go through that mc they are awful, you will be able to feel those baby kicks soon, hope your 20 week scan goes well and thank you for sharing your story. All the best x

Congratulations on your new pregnancy! I had a MMC in December with my first pregnancy and have just had my first period since so am going to start trying again on this cycle. I’m excited about trying again and looking forward to seeing that positive test again, but am already feeling a bit anxious about what comes next. I remember time going so slowly and I imagine it will be even slower next time with the added fear. I guess all you can do is look after yourself (body and mind) and take each day as it comes. You have to just trust in your body and in the process and try to enjoy it as much as possible. I hope everything works out for you 😊

Hi I’m so sorry you had to go through that it’s just awful isn’t it, it’s good that your ok enough to start trying again! Hope you get your BFP soon! And yes I will just each day as it comes and hope for the best. All the best too you hun x

Congratulations on your pregnancy.I myself had a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks about a year an half ago my first pregnancy. The midwife said for some reason misc often happens with first pregnancy she doesn't know why. Many times miscarriage is a one off and you'll go on to have successful pregnancies in the future.

When I fell pregnant the second time I was so worried and convinced I'd miscarry again. Even when I heard and saw the heartbeat I was convinced I'd lose my baby one way or another. My baby girl is now almost 2 weeks old.

Wishing you all the best with this pregnancy.

Hi thank you hun! Yes my first pregnant was the same awful isn’t it but then I had my son and then had another miscarriage last year so I suppose it can happen any time unfortunately. Congratulations on having your little girl enjoy her! And thank you for your advice

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