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Scared because this is my first pregnancy

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Hi, I find out I'm pregnant and it's my 5th week. This is my first baby. I'm scared and don't know what to do. I have a contact with my practice but they don't gonna contact me till my 12 weeks. I want to ask what I should do and when I can get any answers and support because for the moment I don't know nothing. Can any one advice anything?

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Hi Papuga 😊

Is there something inparticular you’re scared of? Like it going wrong / birth / the unknown? Or are you just generally finding it overwhelming?

It’s natural to be apprehensive to begin with, just remember millions of women across the world do it all the time and both them and the babies are perfectly fine! It’s easy to focus on the minority of stories you hear about less than perfect things happening but most babies are fine and pregnancies uneventful, and even if there’s something to sort out the doctors and nurses are so amazing now at sorting any problems.

Would you consider a private scan at 7 weeks to put your mind at ease? It would also give you an opportunity to chat to a professional about anything. They’re between £40-70 generally depending on where you are


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Papuga in reply to Beanybeanz

Thank you very much for respond.I think I just scare of all what will happened, about baby health, and also how my astma will affect me and baby also I don't have any support because I don't have family in the UK and my only friend is living in different town and because of covid i feel like I'm alone. I'm worry also that I've been smoking before I find out that I'm going to be mum and since I started 5th week I'm constantly sad and crying all the time and I don't know if is because hormones or I getting depressed.

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Beanybeanz in reply to Papuga

Do you have a boyfriend/partner? If your family are abroad could you video call them regularly (especially any who have had children before) to chat through any worries. Write down all your worries and questions on a piece of paper - this process sometimes helps just to get them out of your head & stop it spinning !!!

There are lots of online courses to help prepare for pregnancy & birth, and loads of forums (such as this one, and mumsnet, netmums etc) to ask for advice. There are also lots of Facebook pages that give advice such as Emma’s Diary (search on Facebook) Tommy’s charity etc.

There is also the National Childbirth Trust website, although you have to pay for antenatal classes.

Google “free antenatal classes near me”

Also the pregnancy apps you can download that tell you what is happening and what the expect, tips on healthy eating etc.


Also if you are feeling down for more than just a couple of days, call your doctor x

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Papuga in reply to Beanybeanz

Thanks for your reply, yes I have a boyfriend but now he have some problems with his other child which is in hospital right now and I understand that he is with his thoughts somewhere else. Thank you so much for your advice that's really nice of you. I still didn't told my family about the pregnancy. I don't know how or when to do it. I will check for some online courses. One more time thank you for your support it's means a lot for me.

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GemX81 in reply to Papuga

You mentioned you are asthmatic and you are worried how it will affect you during your pregnancy. Inhalers are fine to use during pregnancy as it is more risky to have an attack. For some people they find their asthma gets worse but if it does you will be referred to a consultant. For many it can make the asthma better. It did mine so hopefully you will get this benefit too! It's all to do with the effects of progesterone. Good luck with your pregnancy!

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Papuga in reply to GemX81

Yes I 'm already checked if my inhalers are fine with the nurse. I've noticed that I' m more likely to be out of breath but I didn't get more attacks than normal so I will just keep my eyes on it and if it goes worse I will contact with my practice. Than you for advice, this really mean a lot for me. Thank you so much for your support and time. I feel a lot of more confident with suport from you and I glad there is community which I can ask about my concerns.

There's a lot of information on your pregnancy journey on the NHS website about pregnancy,, there's details about what to do and not do, diet and exercise, smoking etc.

Congratulations and good luck

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Papuga in reply to Seb9

Thanks for advice. Already checked nhs page.

Hello, you should still receive a phone call chat at about 8 weeks. Your midwife unit will call you and spend a good 30 minutes chatting about your history and health. Did they mention that when you called them to register?

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They sad i need to wait for a letter, I assumed that all details will be in it.

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