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Glucose test 27 weeks pregnant.

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I have a glucose test very soon and because of my anxiety I'm dreading it. I've had one before and it was all normal. I've used my mother's blood sugar test as she has diabetes (that's why I need the test) and my levels came back normal too. Question is; is it mandatory to have one? I suffer with anxiety so I won't be able to sit in the birth centre for 2 hours.

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No, you don't have to take it, you don't have to take up any medical appointments that you don't want to.It's up to you.

Maybe speak to your midwife about whether there is alteratives you can do.

It's definitely worth having for yours and babies health, even if it's been ok before. Maybe you can speak to your midwife about your anxiety and see if there's anything she can do to help with that too.

As above nobody can force you to do anything. However saying that, this is gold standard in detecting diabetes in pregnancy as other tests are not as good when pregnant. And personally I'd rather know as ultimately it your and babys health. I guess you could ask if you could have the drink thing at home and check your blood sugar on a home machine instead before and after. It's important that you basically sit not doing much for those two hours (otherwise you could burn the excess sugar). If you can't do that, you could ask if theres a room you could alone of the anxiety is due to covid exposure?

I’m not see where you are, but I have mine on Tuesday. I got a call the other day to say they won’t need me to stay in for the drink, Cos of Covid it’s only my bloods which will take 5 min. I totally understand you anxious, but it’s a treatable thing. Just think of it as a way of keeping you and baby safe. Everything they do at this point is for your and babies health and safety xx

I had one a few months ago and they gave me the option of going to sit in my car for the 2 hours. So that might be an option?

I had mine a few weeks ago and my husband just drove me home for two hours. I sat on the sofa and did nothing as told.

I actually tested 0.1 over the line of what is ‘normal’ so I’m classed as having GD - and to be honest, even if you are, it’s not that bad. I had imagined worse! Thankfully I’m managing mine quite easily though diet.

All that to say, I’m sure your midwife can be accommodating of your anxieties. Best to chat with her about them xx

I was diagnosed with GD last year by an HbA1c which is a one off blood test. You could ask if you could have that instead because of your anxiety? X

Hi Lydia, I had one yesterday and had been dreading it for the time building up but because of Covid restrictions they allowed me to drive home and come back again on the promise that I sit and do nothing whilst at home. Another option, if possible, is to take a book or something and wait in your car. The time between my appointments was less than 2 hours as well so it wasnt all that daunting in the end. Best of luck x

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