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Am I pregnant or not?


My period is a week late so I took an early pregnancy test and I can see a tiny faint blue line and when I used the negative filter I can see it a little more. It’s a little hard to see. Should I take another test?

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I cant see nothing. If i was you or take a pink dye one. FRER. First response early results test. Good luck xx

Yeah it’s super faint which is why I wanna double check :/ I’ll keep that in mind thank you!

I am sorry I cant see any line, but that could be from the photo it's just not clear. Was this from your first wee of the day? You might be better off getting another test and trying again in the morning when your hcg levels will be higher so will give you a stronger result.

Goose0524 in reply to Seb9

Yeah it wasn’t my first wee of the day. I was too nervous to do it in the morning 😅 will def try again tho

Seb9 in reply to Goose0524

Hope this morning gave you a clearer result xx

Maybe try a digital in a couple day & using first wee so hcg isnt diluted xxx

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