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Experiences of elective c section

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Hi loves me again would just like to here some stories on elective c section I'm booked in for the 5th feb and really want some positive stories this will be my last baby so really need a good final experience compared to my previous 3 births which were awful.

Reason for c sec for me is more an element of control than anything after a misscarrige and 2 terrible births ending in emergency c sec Want a more relaxed birth and less stressful I can't take gas and air as it makes me vomit so doing natural for me has to be only natural with no pain relief

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I had an elective section on the 5th of January with my first baby and it was an amazing experience. Everything was so calm the worst part was waiting to go the theatre as I was last on the list and there was an emergency in between.

Baby was born within the first 5 minutes and they gave him to my husband straight away once they cleaned him up. We were able to have cuddles and skin to skin which distracted me from the rest of the procedure.

I won’t lie getting the spinal wasn’t nice but it’s a distant memory once baby is born. I had quite a bit of blood loss afterwards which meant I wasn’t able to get up for a while due to being on a hormone drip but I was able to go home 24 hours after baby was born. My scar is healing nicely and I almost feel back to normal but taking it easy obviously.

You will be absolutely fine, if we ever have another baby I won’t hesitate to go down the elective section route again. Good luck when the time comes xx

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ToughCOOKIE78 in reply to Gem09x

Congratulations Gem ❤️Sounds like the perfect birth experience! Can I ask whether you’ve had this on the NHS or privately? I’m only 12 weeks but I’m considering a c section done privately in London...mainly because I’m scared of Covid issues where staff in the NHS is redeployed and there are so many staffing issues at the moment...sending love to you and your sweet baby boy 💙xx

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Gem09x in reply to ToughCOOKIE78

Hi! I had mine on the nhs but it was very last minute that it was arranged around 36/37 weeks. I have historical hip issues and after an assessment with a physio it was decided that giving birth naturally although not out the question was going to carry significant risks to the condition of my hips so I opted for a section as couldn’t think of anything worse than a newborn and being in agony with hip pain.

I am in Scotland and found staffing in maternity not to be affected by covid, I obviously can’t comment on the rest of the uk. We have been restricted with midwife appointments and stuff but the staff in the hospital seemed to be normal levels.

I hope everything goes well for you ❤️

Hi, I had an elective c- section in September. The most difficult part of the process was with members of staff at my local hospital and getting them to agree! I told them it was my right to choose how my baby is delivered and would not budge! However the c-section went amazing! I had control, the baby was safely delivered, lots of skin to skin straight after. I recovered amazingly, was walking hours afterwards. I have a tiny, disappearing scar. So far no negative side effects at all! I would definitely opt for this option next time too!xx

Wow such a great experience 😍gives me confidence as I’m planning a c section too when the time comes! Can I ask how big is the scar please? Congrats hun 🥰enjoy motherhood!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thank you! Goodluck on your journey 😁 my scar is around 5cm currently! Xx

They will cut u across your bikini line , can hardly see my blends into my bikini fold, heals well if u keep it clean and don't lift anything heavy

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Your right it's hard for them to agree if it's your first I'm presuming here but docs have offered it me on a plate as I've had 2 emergency I don't want to go through emergency again

Bare in mind hun these lovelies may have not had c section before or scared tissue to get through. Look up stories or ask for elective section after previous emergencies. Xx

Yes true x

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1sttimerph in reply to Afrohair

Yeah it is my first, nothing else to compare it to! All the best 😊 xx

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Afrohair in reply to 1sttimerph

Thanks sweetie

I had an elective in July and had honestly the best experience! Like you I really wanted that element of a controlled situation and it was just that - very calm and went exactly to plan. I suffer from bad anxiety and it really helped me to know exactly when the birth would be, how it should go, and timings that my partner could be there (for me, the run up to, actual section itself and about 3 hours after).

We had skin on skin just after and then he was handed to my partner while they finished up. The post natal team were great and we went home after 2 nights. I was actually discharged the following day but we stayed another night because of a heart murmur.

He’s my only LO so nothing to compare it to but my friend who had had one of each said an elective is so much easier to recover from than an emergency. He ended up being 98th percentile so I imagine we’d have ended up in an emergency one anyway which I really wanted to avoid. Overall, I know they’re not for everyone but it was the perfect birth for me and I’d chose it again in a heartbeat.

Wishing you loads of luck lovely xx

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Shopper85 in reply to Solly-44

Hi how come you can recover easily from an elective to normal c section? Isn't it the same surgery or is it because there is less trauma? I'm asking because I planned a normal v birth, ended up with emergency c section & next time I'm allowed an elective...

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Afrohair in reply to Shopper85

Your body is under more stress in an emergency hence more recovery my c sec this time was easier to recover it was a semi emergency meaning I went into labour early and they decided to go for surgery without hesitation was the best option your baby can be in distress in an emergency situation

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Shopper85 in reply to Afrohair

Ah right I understand thank you

I had an excellent experience,despite being irrationally upset and teary over being advised to have a c section because the baby was breech.it was really nice,we weren't waiting long,the team were excellent.we did skin to skin immediately and they didn't even reveal the gender to me -just handed him over for me to see for myself as I requested. Very positive!good luck.xx

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Afrohair in reply to Meadown

Aww lovely ❤️

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