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Is having a baby going to ruin my life, like I’m being told it is.


Hello, I’m 24 and found out I’m at the very early stages of pregnancy. I have only been with my partner around 4 months but we’ve decided to try and make it work! We don’t live together however we are able to move In to a family home that isn’t being used; meaning we can actually live rent free! His family are super supportive however my mum is finding it really hard to believe it’s going to work. Any advice or similar scenarios anyone??

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What horrible people to say those things. Having children will 100% change your life but will not ruin it in anyway. Of course it isn’t easy at times, life isn’t. Sounds like you’re making the best of the situation. Good luck with everything.

I met my husband in 2014, 5 months after getting together I found out I was pregnant, we kept him and decided to make things work. Only difference with your scenario is that we are a lot older (I was 31 and husband was 41). Fast forward 6 years and we now have a new baby son, our 5 year old totally made us and our family is now perfect with the addition of our second son 3 weeks ago.

If anything having a baby makes you have a totally different reason for living and makes you think differently. We would not have made it work if we hadn’t have had our first son, it would have been too easy to give up over the smallest things.

It’s the best thing that ever happened to us and our family and relationship is stronger than any I’ve ever had!

I’m sure you will be fine

Definitely not true. Having children will change your life but not ruin it. Be sure you have your partner's support during and after the pregnancy journey.

Even if it doesn't work between you to. You'll definitely love the baby. It's worth it believe me. You'll love your baby the most in the world. And it also will show if you're partner is mature enough to be a father and responsible human being. Good luck x

Hello Eid,I am raising child by myself its just happened that his father and I went different ways shortly after baby was born( and i truly believe that it was for the best).

I have no regrets about baby as I love him so much it is best that happened to me in my entire life. My LO gives me strength and pushing you to donyour best.

People saying to you about abortion but did they mentioned that after it is incredibly hard and heavy as well as the quilt-of not that moment then later, you will start feeling it without doubt. So you need to think carefully what you want to do and don't allow others to affect your decision.

Firstly, congratulations!

My sister fell pregnant a few months after meeting her partner and they’re still going strong! Their daughter celebrated her 21st recently 😁

It sounds like you’re both in a good place and are willing to give it a go, so good on you. It must be hard without your mums support but perhaps she’ll come around when the baby’s here - she’s probably just worried about you. Wishing you loads of luck xx

I don't think it will ruin your life at all but make you stronger speaking from experience at 19 I had my first baby I did love my partner but we weren't together very long I also moved out so had left home at 19.i enjoyed leaving home I felt ready I didn't like living at home with my parents at all there were too many silly rules for me and me and my mother weren't getting on well leaving worked out best for me I have never gone back to the family home Since and have 3 more children now one in my belly 🍼lol wouldn't change it .things may feel a little strange at first but they will feel better x

If you decided to try for a baby you already love this little human inside you 🥰it’s not going to ruin your life how can be part of yourself doing such thing but instead you might see how this little person will change your life even for being better. Ok it’s not only sweetness around but you will see yourself in this little person and will know it’s something between you which is forever only this thing can last so long everything else might change but the fact you are mommy to another human will not change anymore and that is great☺️happy pregnancy to you xxx

Hi there, sorry to hear that you’re family are finding the news hard to accept. It’s important to remember that people accept change at different speeds. I imagine your Mum may be feeling emotional that maybe this turn of events isn’t quite how she saw your future unfolding.Having said that I’m sure she will come round in time so be patient and give her some time and space.

I’ve had 2 planned pregnancies so I can’t associate with your situation completely but I can say that whilst babies most certainly will change your life and at times it can feel that you can’t always do what you want the overwhelming love you feel is immense. Good luck on your journey xx

Thank you everyone for your kind words! It’s nice to voice what’s going on to people to get an idea of what others think about the situation! ☺️

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