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Need answers for my baby in pain 😩

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This has felt like the longest coming up 5 weeks I’ve ever felt!!

So there’s been difficulties with my LO since birth in regards to trapped wind, not latching, spitting up, non stop crying, crying on the bottle etc. We’ve been to the GP and was advised comfort milk so tried it. Kind of worked. Went back and prescribed Aptamil Pepti 1. Within 24 hours I was back at the drs as she was horrific on that formula and dr advised to go back to comfort.

That evening I had a lightbulb moment and thought I’ll try her on new bottles (Dr Brown) and go back to her normal formula as she was a bit older now. And it all worked amazing!! She had a good nights sleep and was a different baby.

However since Friday she’s been quite bad again. No spitting up and can’t hear the wind in her belly. But she’s been super unsettled and cries constantly on the bottle. It takes over an hour to feed her now.

Today she got a bit worse! She was crying on the bottle and wouldn’t take any milk at all. I looked in her mouth and seen white spots and according to google, it’s Epstein’s Pearls but they apparently aren’t painful 🤷🏼‍♀️ I was thinking maybe tongue tie 🤷🏼‍♀️ She’s also come out in spots all over her face since Friday!

I’m a FTM and I’m at a bit of a loss about what to do or try now 😒

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Do you have the Wonder weeks App? It's an app for development and shows when your baby is about to go through developmental leaps. Week five is their first huge leap and it's a huge, it sounds like baby is just going through this and that could be causing many of the things your describing.Babies do fuss a lot with feeding, and it can be really frustrating, but baby might not be hungry or may only want a bit of milk rather than a whole bottle.

I tried to feed my baby everytime she cried and only by trial and error, that sometimes she was just fussing. I used to feel really useless but it was just a phase and we got through it.

Those first few early weeks were really really hard. I felt so helpless and useless, but it passes and it does get better. Sorry you're going through it and it's so hard, wishing you all the best xx

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Just downloaded the app! She’s just in that 5 week leap apparently 🤦🏼‍♀️ Spoken with her dr as well and she’s prescribed some drops for possible oral thrush. Xx

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I found knowing when these were due were really helpful, it made me feel a little bit more like it was out of my control, and I was not so responsible for her crying and being fussy. It wasn't down to my rubbish parenting. These early weeks for me were definitely the hardest, but it does pass and they get easier and more fun.

Hope the thrush medication works too and baby is feeling better soon xx

Hi 👋 o bless you. It is challenging being a ftm. Have you got any support? Has your daughter been checked for tongue tie? Your health visitor will be able to tell you. Your health visitor will also be able to answer all your queries about the spots too.

I don't know much about formula I'm afraid as I breastfed....but I remember my little boy would cry constantly when feeding him, with bad wind. We got through this with pursistance but it was hard and it did stress me out when he used to cry when I was feeding him.

Have you got the app "wonder weeks" it tells you when they are going through a "leap" and which often means a slightly more challenging time. I also did "cranial osteopathy" which really improved my babies general mood and feeding was easier. Unfortunately due to lockdown you might not be able to access this.

I would definitely seek the support from your health visitor and see if you can send her these pictures for reassurance. I hope someone on here has more answers for you.


Unfortunately my HV isn’t that great! She never responds to my calls/texts so I’ve completely given up on her. Have called her dr and she’s prescribed some drops for possible oral thrush. She hasn’t seen my LO or anything but said if it hasn’t improved come tomorrow afternoon, to call back.

Will also look into cranial osteopathy! Xx

Hi . I would get the health visitor to come round . They are so knowledgeable. It also maybe thrush in her mouth. My Lo had this and she had white spots in her mouth. Something is bothering them so don't delay xx

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Cornish131 in reply to AGKG

I have contacted my HV but unfortunately she’s not the best and never responds to her calls/texts so I always have to go to our dr. But she has now been prescribed drops for oral thrush. I’m kind of hoping it is thrush just so I have an answer xx

Yes I wondered about oral thrush - had the doctor had a look in her mouth?

The dr hasn’t looked at her but I have spoken to them over the phone and has prescribed her some drops! I’m hoping it is thrush purely so I have an answer and she’ll get better

We had this with my LB snd it was oral thrush which needs treatment. Def get checked over. Not really much point with HV as I don’t think they can prescribe what you need. I’d speak to GP. Good luck x

Spoken with gp over the phone and she has prescribed some drops for oral thrush! Fingers crossed 🤞🏻 X

Ah bless her. Fingers crossed she’s on the mend soon x

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