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Anyone due to give birth Or have given birth during this lockdown?whats the rules about visitors


Anyone due scared I won't have any support in hospital couldn't care less about visitors coming home as they always annoy me anyway but I'm concerned about hospital how long can my partner be there I guess I should ask my consultant but wanted to ask those who have experienced it .

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Hi I had my birth in full lockdown

No one allowed

Even spouse or partner allowed for only the birth process

Not after

And then he can come to pick up at your release .

I would suggest ask your hospital what are their rules right now

Afrohair in reply to tiger-cub

Aww that's so sad how did you cope with the baby and everything I'm having a c section

I think it depends on each hospital trust or CCG. I’m not due until May, but my hospital trust has announced that they are allowing 1 birth partner throughout duration of labour (provided they are Covid free) I believe they said that birth partner can stay until you are ready to be discharged, provided this is within a couple of hours. If you have to be admitted then partner will have to leave and thereafter no visitors. I can’t remember what they said about c sections, but call your midwife and ask - they will know what your policy your hospital has implemented. Hope all goes well x

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Thanks for reply I won't be discharged straight away I've had 2 c sections already both times I stayed 3 days I just don't recover like some lucky ladies do.hope all goes well with your pregnancy and birth hopefully come may you won't have to think about it .its anxious enough having a c section.even though I've had 2 in the past they were both emergencies so I don't know what to expect this time planned x

EL7815 in reply to Afrohair

It’s really going to depend on your hospital so it is best to ask your midwife - it could be completely different to where I am. Hopefully as it’s a planned c section things might be easier on you, but I have no idea, this is my first pregnancy so I’m a complete newbie! X

Afrohair in reply to EL7815

Aww bless congratulations!hope all goes well x

It's changing all the time. I gave birth in August and was induced. Spent 38 hours alone aside from midwives obviously. 15 of those I was in labour but stuck at 3cm. They wouldn't let my husband in until I was 4. I had a rough labour so he stayed until I gave birth which wasn't until another 30 hours after that. Then 1.5 hours after I gave birth and needed multiple blood transfusions, they kicked him out. Spent nearly a week in hospital alone. He wasn't allowed to visit at all. No partners were. But the hospital down the road allowed partners in for 6 hours each day. So strange but every hospital is different. I know mine are allowing partners in again for the whole labour. But again, that might change now we are in full lockdown. Hopefully you will be able to have your partner in! But if not, the midwives are great. A few women had sections in my room. And they helped them with everything after

nsha in reply to Endocapades

So sorry to hear your experience, that sounds pretty traumatic. And not surprised you needed blood after such a long labour. Hope you’re all healthy and well now x

It really all depends on the hospital, I was in labour 27 hours and had my partner in from been admitted to giving birth, they said for a few hours after then I was giving a hour slot when my partner could visit. It depends all on the national health trust you having your baby at.

I had a baby in August, I was induced and my partner wasn't allowed with me until active labour. I ended up having a c section. My partner was allowed with me and stayed with us until we moved back to the ward. He then had to go home. He could visit for an hour a day. I was in for 5 days. You should contact your hospital they will be best for telling you the current situation about visiting and process of partners being with you. I know things have changed since. Good luck, I found the midwives amazing and really helpful and supportive.

Afrohair in reply to Fudge26

An hour a day is not enough having a c section that's terrible I couldn't even carry my baby after c section I'm glad you had helpful midwives because 2 of my babies experience with midwives were terrible but it seems to have got better now and there's a lot more nicer ones about in the ward

Fudge26 in reply to Afrohair

I was very lucky yes and the hospital I gave birth in has an excellent rating and my sister in law had very good treatment 3 years before. Thankfully things stayed the same. The midwives were fantastic day and night. I was very lucky and heald quickly and without any problems. All hospitals are different as are the trusts that run them and the covid numbers were great reduced. I do understand why they keep visiting down and only allow partners in once in full labour, they need to allow for social distancing the wards are fairly small and birthing rooms allow you to keep away from others and then be cleaned between women. It's hard on us but also on partners who are ushered out still in shock of what they have just seen an hour together isn't enough time to process everything.

I’m due in 5 days (I’m fed up now) I think they will be allowed in for the birth only? I’m due to be induced on the 17th and we live nearly an hour away from the local hospital. I’m worried my partner will miss the birth 😩

Afrohair in reply to Lawlau

I'm so sorry I can understand your worry this is why we ended up choosing a local hospital not our best choice but for distance worries around the time of birth I'm glad I did now cause I have to be seen every week and they said appointments have to be where you are giving birth x

Its disgusting this situation. Im so shocked at how women arent allowed that support during induction a simple test and negative result plus being advised to isolate should be enough. I really hope things happen for you before you get induced and you can just go in when your in labour and have your partner with you xx

I was so worried about this! I had my baby girl when we were still in tier 3 restrictions, 3 weeks ago. I was really lucky as my partner was allowed to stay with me the whole time (even when I was getting examined to see if I would get admitted) and then following the birth he was allowed to stay until I was moved back to the ward, following being in post theatre recovery ward. I was discharged the next day, but partners could visit once a day in a visiting hour- which were different for each patient to avoid lots of visitors at once x

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I see it's such a worry because we are in a lockdown

Have you asked your hospital? What have they said x

No not yet I'm going to ask though x

I hope their OK with having your hubby there let us, know x

I don't think they know much yet as this is a new lockdown I had a scare last week though and went in and they were very helpful they seem to be ok bringing me in when I feel worried been in twice now with worries

Yeah their very good like that. Bless ya. Iv decided i can't go through with another section im going to push for natural and maybe even home birth xx

How many have you had?i would like to but my last vab wasn't successful

2. My last wasn't successful either. I've analyzed my births and found that whenever they've intervened is when problems have occurred. Im not letting them touch me this time unless absolutely necessary x

Yeah I think my first was unnecessary that's why I had complications for my second I don't know why I accepted it at the time I just did to take away the pain but regretted it .my second she would not push through the birth canal when she did her heart dropped I don't know why so they recommended it they keep telling me I should have a 3rd cause I've had 2

They do that's all I've heard since I've been pregnant from midwives and drs and I've researched it and realized it doesn't have to be that way just coz they say so. Im getting all the paper work together and pushing for it, they can't refuse its ultimately our decision. They'll mention uterine rupture particularly. These are all small small chances does depend on where your scar is though also. There's a woman i seen other day she did it after 3 sections they were totally against it but she did it no problems. Xx

Thats made me think about mine now I had a little look online it does say there's a low chance of rupture if you had the old school c section you are likely to rupture but not this bikini cut I might talk to my midwife aswell cause I want to be up and about the annoying thing is the first consultant I saw I wasn't happy with at all I've never seen her before but she basically offered me a c section and my tubes tied first day of meeting it really got my back up I told my hubby and he was furious like why would they say that I told her not planning on more but she had it in her mind before I said anything because I'm on my 4th and she said it would be a c section thinking about it she never really gave me a choice just said it's risky

And I find it wierd that I'm allowed to miscarry naturally though I had contractions and everything when I lost that baby at 12.5 and gave birth at home granted a small baby but it still happened

I don't know why they promote it but i have my theories. Im a critical thinker. Mention it and use these last weeks to arm yourself with knowledge your a great candidate for it you've already given birth naturally before haven't you? If you and baby are healthy there's no need for you to not. Don't let them take control your in control of you and your baby, how flipping rude Kmt sterilisation how very dare she. x

Yes my first baby was natural ,and so rude didn't know what to say

Wow. Id have been gobsmacked too x. Yes your an excellent candidate for it x

Look at purposeful life and naturally candace on YouTube ones done it and she's from UK others going to do it sometime soon x

Thanks I will x

Your going to see lots of others that have done it too. I've been hooked recently. We both know we don't like surgery we wanna be home with the rest of family able to walk easily. X good luck x

She is due same time as me candice I hope she has the birth she wants I don't know how I'll convince my consultant now

What do you want to happen at your birth? How would you like it to be X

I just don't want the after affect of c section took me 3 month to recover last I had a word with my partner he said I should ask my consultant if normal birth is an option as my baby is only small I've had a 7lb baby naturally this one is only 4 I've been having a good think and research since you mentioned it but I don't think my consultant will agree that's the trouble

They most likely wont and they'll come up with the risks uterine rupture. But ultimately its your decision if you don't sign and don't agree they can't force you hun. You need to go in with the facts its way more riskier to have another section they could get your bladder or bowel infection etc if your left without induction you have a very high chance of doing this. You just need support and to get the facts. I'll find the legal guidance on it and send it to you. X

Thanks love

I went into labour naturally last birth they just said her heart was dropping so I needed c section

Afrohair in reply to Afrohair

Wanted a vaginal after c sec then

Did they take blood from her head or just rush you in was you cat 1 or not x

No they didn't do anything like that just said her heart rate was dropping

Just rushed me in

Was she OK? X

Was born fine no neonatal care just told heart rate dropping when I had a contraction

See when you hear that obviously we as parents panic and will do anything to make sure their safe. I don't know me but i think lots of c sections are done unnecessarily and i feel i was scared into both of my births and it seems when they interfere with me like turn up the drip or induce that's it problems occur. If you had time I'd get hold of your file and see what the situation was exactly. But if you want to go for vbac definitely don't let them stop you and ring that advice line i told you about x

I think both mine weren't needed but scared into it I know my first I definitely didn't but I was panicking a lot and think I probably scared them and they didn't help me

They have nothing on file they keep asking me and I keep saying I don't know cause I don't really only that her heart dropped first one I have no idea they clipped my bladder in last c section

Omg they don't have it on file? That's shocking x

Hi, The rules keep changing, at first I was told one person could come with me. Recently I've been told I can have 2 people with me this was before we where in tier 4. But now with covid getting worse im also worried ill be giving birth on my own.

I'll leave this

Sadly not all hospitals have applied this yet.

All you can do is contact your care team and see what is the current situation in your area/hospital/maternity/homebirths.

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