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If I am pregnant or no

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I have this and I don’t know if is positive or negativo please let me know I want to get out of doubt

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Looks negative to me but always hard to tell on a picture. Maybe get a digital one if you're not sure? Best of luck

I would day negative as I don't see a line, have you missed your period? Maybe wait a few more days and tests again.

I don't see a second line I'm afraid

I can see it!!!

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But I’m going through exactly the same thing at the moment. Faint line on first response, Tesco and clearblue (around 6 tests) so surely it’s not evaporation lines?! It drives you insane. Only time will tell. Was this morning urine and are you late? X

That’s negative hun

You can buy pack of 5 from poundland. I used that and after missing my period It came positive on the test.

Its negative.

I can see the faintest line ever but zooming in and going on different angles! But sadly blue dyes are the worst at giving false positives, dye run is so common hun. So I suggest maybe you got to home bargains,Asda etc and get the red dye tests I swear by them and a lot of other girls do I have read! Good luck❤️

I had stronger positives than that on a clearblue like yours and unfortunately my period has come three days late abs a digital ‘not pregnant’ so I’m accepting now that this month isn’t my month xx

Sorry to hear this hun. Hopefully will happen soon x

Little baffled as I haven’t really come on?! Just tiny bit on wiping after urinating but only the tiniest bit. Not on the pad, not on tissue prior to weeing. Sorry tmi!! How are you doing - have you tested again? Xxx

Think you have me mixed up with the O P hun. Give it a couple days if your not bleeding properly maybe test again. xx

Oh sorry thought she was on someone else’s post! I’d love it if I was positive in a few days. Best Christmas present ever but think it’s a weird cycle. I ovulated on around day 10 which was out of the blew so we hadn’t really prepared (had sex much before hand). Solid smiley out of the blue on day 8. Although we had sex that day, day after and 12th day for luck. Hard to know when you actually ovulated but normally day 17 for me. Who knows! Thank you for messaging xx

No need for apologies hun. It will happen if not this month it will happen. Just try not to let it stress you out lovely that doesn't help. Wish you all the best lovely will keep an eye out for your good news in the future xx

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