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My baby sleeping pattern distract

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My 7 and half month baby when she sleep during the night she wake every 1 hour and cries. By the time she start crying i went and keep the pacifier in her mouth and she keep try to sleep back. Once i slept she do the same thing again and again she cries every 2 hrs and i do the same thing. I couldn't sleep properly cos by the time she cries i wake and got headache. This happen just two weeks ago. Before she slept all night and wake just when she needs to feed. But now a days i don't know why she is struggle to sleep. Even was before when its her bed time i put her in her bed and open sleeping song, she enjoys a little bit and fallen to sleep but now a days when i put her in her bed and when i left the bed room she start crying. I go back to her and stay opposite to her until she sleeps. But i don't think this is good idea. Please suggest me any idea what should i do and why this happen?

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Awh it's so hard when they wake so often like this just when you think they've grown out of it!! We've been through this too! Just know that it won't cause any long term problems with your baby for you to be near them whilst they sleep, If they will sleep better next to you maybe having their cot next to your bed will get you both better sleep and your baby will feel more secure, and you could both get better sleep. I coped with my baby doing this by bringing her in bed with me (following the safe sleep 7 - no drinking, no smoking etc - worth looking up if you decide to try it. It means I barely have to wake up to resettle her and it helps her to be very happy going to bed and she is very secure and not clingy as people worry they will be by doing this! Good luck! Broken sleep is hard work 💤

Thank you for your replay, i have been tried to sleep with her in our bed as well but there is no difference. I google it, and i found some suggestion leave the baby in the room and let her cry and when she feel tired she will sleep and after a while she will used to sleep by herself with out any help. Did you try this??

We didn't, like the poster below I just couldn't bear it! We did like the poster below in fact and I would get some sleep whilst my partner looked after her for a few hours in the morning or evening.

I read a book called The Gentle Sleep Book which helped me understand what was happening with my daughters sleep which has helped a lot to know what she needs from me.

It sounds like she's going through her 8 month sleep regression. It's hard but sleep is developmental and so they are learning and developing the skills they need to sleep.All you can do is love them through it and get some rest and sleep where you can. It does pass and their sleep will get better.

I found lots of coffee and chocolate hob nobs helped me get through it.

My husband would also hold her in her sleep downstairs while I went to bed and he'd bring her up for feeds when she woke up, I was able to get a few hours sleep before taking over for the night shift.

Perhaps your husband or someone in your support bubble could take baby for a few hours while you sleep?

I couldn't leave my baby to cry it out and I would never recommend it to anyone, it's a personal choice to do so, but I couldn't bring myself to hear her cry without comfort. It's not how I would like her to associate sleep, with being abandoned and upset, so emotionally drained that all she can do is sleep. It breaks my heart to even contemplate it, so if I was you I'd definitely try a kinder method first. There's a book called the no cry sleep solution which might be of use to you.

Good luck it does get better xx

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Thanks you for your reply, i would try the book. 🙏🙏

It sounds like she misses you and wakes up because she doesn't feel you around. Maybe keep her cot bed in your room for a while yet until she's a bit older. Unless you want to teach her sleeping alone it may then take a while to adjust x

Thank you for your reply. Thats the posters recommend me and i do that 🤞 she will be better soon.

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