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Tiniest faint line on pregnancy test

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Hi all,

I am currently on the contraceptive implant, which I got replaced in January. My period was quite regular until a couple of months ago. I have now missed two periods which I believe isn’t uncommon with the implant. But I have also had bad nausea and gagging (though only thrown up once). I have taken 2 pregnancy tests and both have come back negative. On one though there is the faintest line which is freaking me out. I tried to get a clear blue test but they were sold out.

I am sure the odds of me falling pregnant are so low on the implant and two negative tests should give me peace of mind but there is still a niggle in the back of my head. Anyone had a similar experience?

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I would say that is an evaporation line, if you've had several negatives and have an implant. Also if you've missed two periods, I would expect it to be a lot stronger result.If the photo was outside the time frame of the test, it is most likely an evaporation line.

If you want to check again, I'd take another test using your first wee of the day as this will give you a clearer result of you are pregnant.

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Thank you very much! I will do that tomorrow for ease of mind!

Yes I would say the same as seb9 blue tests commonly have evap line try with a pink dye test. I rarely had periods with the implant one of the benefits.

I have 2 test same brand with the very faint positive line ...also experiencing nausea ,also tired more ...was wondering if it's evaporation line or pregnancy... hoping for pregnancy. Help

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If you've read the test in the right test time window and you've got a line then it's possibly a positive test, if the line is outside the test time then it's probably an evaporation line, blue tests will often have a evaporation line. You could try a pink dye test as they don't have the evaporation line and try to do it using your first morning wee as the pregnancy hormone will be the strongest.

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Momma2020 in reply to Seb9

Yes I read it within the time and Thank you... I have test coming in mail today...I hope it is a postitve we been trying 10 months to get pregnant

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Good luck 🍀

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Thank you 💕

My symptoms are....tired alot



waking up at night to go pee and throughout the day peeing more

Some smells make me gag

I am having the same thing and freaking out. I am going to wait three days and take a pink test but now I need to know… we’re you pregnant?!

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