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Early Pregnancy Test


Hi everyone can I take pregnancy test today? It is 9 days rn until my period, I am just getting a lot of nausea and vomitting at this point. And I got sensitivity of the smell which leads me nauseated, I am feeling pregnant. Help xx

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Hello, how long has it been since your last period? I think nausea doesn't kick in until later in the pregnancy. So perhaps that is linked to anxiety of being pregnant rather than hormonal changes? In a h case I would recommend taking a clear blue test , they are quite accurate at detecting pregnancy early on, i think up to 5 days before a missed period. Good luck!!

booooe in reply to Ratinski

My last day period is november 16

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Thank you for your response xxx

If your last period ended on the 16th November, you'd probably only be around your ovulation date now give our take a few days, so it's very early to test for a pregnancy as you won't build up the hormone for it until about 2 weeks after the egg had been fertilised. Which would match with roughly when your next period is due.You can take a test whenever you like, but if you test before your next period is due, then you might not a get a positive result. Your better to wait until you miss your period and then test, that way you'll get a definite result.

Yeah I was going to say it’s probably ovulation time, sometimes ovu can give u nausea sore boobs etc best wait until your period is due in around 12-16days depends how long your luteal phase is. Test before could come back neg but you never know depends on implementation and hcg levels.

Sounds like you’re around ovulation or a few days past if your last period was 16th November, making it way too early for a pregnancy test, you’d need to be around 12/14 days past ovulation for a pregnancy test to be reliable, nausea and vomiting can be side effects of PMS or ovulation or you could just be coming down with something, you’d need a lot of HCG in your system before you started experiencing morning sickness as it’s the HCG that irritates your stomach hence why most women don’t start feeling anything until they’re 4/6 weeks pregnant, I’d leave it as long as possible to take a test because even if you test now and get a negative that might not be accurate and you could be pregnant, just wasting tests, leave it until the morning of your suspected period then take a test x

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