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Struggling to conceive after misscarriage

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In July I had a missed miscarriage at 6 weeks (found out at 10 weeks) I am now having a period every month. I’m beyond anxious and stressed which I know isn’t good. Has anyone had any similar experience in struggling to conceive again?

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So sorry for your loss, it's totally heartbreaking 💔 I'm in a similar position, miscarriage in Aug at 12 weeks and took 6+ weeks for the bleeding to settle due to retained tissue. Now have a regular cycle and trying to conceive again but it is stressful. I have stopped ovulation tracking this month as that was adding pressure so that has helped a little. When the MC happened, I convinced myself that everything would be ok as long as I was pregnant before Feb when I was due. Now getting my head around that being unlikely and trying to focus/find other positives which is helping a little too.

When my friend struggled to conceive, she wrote down 3 things that had made her smile every day and that helped her cope and have some positivity.

Hope you find something that helps you, sending baby luck your way x

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It is heartbreaking I agree. I think I will stop the tracking this month as it consumes everything.

Sending baby luck to you to. Xx

Sorry for your loss I had a missed one at 12.5 week every month was horrendous for me but there is a light at the end of the tunnel I'm now 29 weeks pregnant and it took me around 5 months later x

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Thank you. We are currently month 3, and my tests are showing negative and period due in 2 days. Hopefully persistence pays off soon.


Hi I’ve had 5 losses and have felt the same way every time after a mc will I be able to conceive again and being older (started at 37) my chances decreasing every year. I had my last chemical pregnancy in March I also turned 40 I accepted defeat 6 mths later I’m pregnant again now 13w+4 all going well so far. Good luck to you xx

I had a mmc with my first and it then took 18 months before I finally admitted defeat and gave up. I fell pregnant shortly after.The brain and body work in very strange ways!! Good luck!xx

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I had a mmc back in march and didn’t start trying until June time, I used to take tests so often that it would stress me out lots when It was always negative..... I left it a few weeks without checking and I was pregnant:) currently 20 weeks. It takes time and will be different for everyone but the best way is to not think about it, easier said than done I know but it worked for me and I hope it works for you too x good luck 😊xxx

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