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Update on faint line

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So I just took 2 more and I can see a faint line on both not sure what to think. I already had these test which is why I tested again on those but will definitely be getting a red dye one . Just a little update. Also I know you all mentioned Evap lunes but 2 test I took prior to these didn’t show a line at all

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Hi I can't really see any lines, when is your period due? Maybe wait until your due and use your first wee of the day to get a stronger result.

I agree with Seb I don’t see anything, but go pink dye or digital and you’ll know for sure, fingers crossed for you xx

As long as the lines are blue it’s positive. I can see two very faint ones and that’s what mine was like. Wait a few days and test again xxx

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Blue clear tests are also the worst ones!! I used 5 different brands (cheap Poundland ones been the best) and got 4 obvious positives and my blue clear one barely had anything on it xx

I see a faint line on the bottom one :) perhaps wait until friday & test again on your first pee of the day


The same thing happened too me with clear blue I was a couple days late but I took a test with pink line from Poundland and that was negative, I wouldn’t trust the clear blue tests unless your further gone. Could be different for you, maybe take another test first thing in the morning to make sure. Good luck x

It’s so hard not to get obsessed with it but try not to, clear blue are not as sensitive as the first response early ones. I took about 5 tests all with first response as I’d had previous MC so was convinced I would have another, but they got stronger the closer I got to period day. I’m now 35 weeks with DS2.

Not sure how to attach photo or I would send the photo of my 5 taken over the space of 7 days, the positive line gets really strong and the control line almost disappears completely.

From the first response ones you posted - definitely positive so congratulations!

Hi, I can most defo see the line crossing, leave the test for a few hours it may get darker, when I took a test the line was very very faint and when I was showing my husband a few hours later the line had gotten darker

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You shouldn’t read a result that takes hours to develop, you need to read it within the time frame specified or you risk an evaporation line

I had a similar experience so I got a digital test that says ‘pregnant’ or ‘not pregnant’ they’re not cheap but at least you’re not relying on stupid faint lines and unknowns!

Any update?

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