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34 weeks growth scan and baby still on the lager side

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Hello beautiful ladies

I just want to hear your opinions. Yesterday we went for my 2nd growth scan at 34 weeks. The sonographer did the measurements and said baby is still measuring big weighing 5lb and 11oz. I have done glucose test twice at 27 weeks and 32 weeks both came negative. I don’t have too much fluids and everything medically is fine @ this stage. I am normally slim and 5feet 1 inches my partner is slim as well weighing 57kgs and 5feet 7inches. Both were normal sizes at birth. My belly has really grown and people sometimes think am due soon and when I tell them I still got weeks to go they are very amused. I really want to try natural birth but am worried 😟 if I will be able to push the baby especially if it still growing big. Has anyone had the same experience and had a successful natural birth without forceps and E caesarean? My bay is due Christmas Day so my consultant told me if I don’t go labour I will be induced @ excatly 40 weeks. We are really looking forward to have our Xmas baby. My midwife advice me to have elective section because of my age. I am 42. Friends and family tell me to try natural birth if I wish. I am in the limbo don’t really know what option to do?

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Hi mummy to be! Your babies weight is what mine was at birth at 34 weeks, we had a csection though (for other reasons). But, I was never a advised a csection despite his big size, if he had gone to term that is. One thing I will say is that our bodies are made to do give birth, if you want to try a natural birth go for it.

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Thanks for your reply it’s really reassuring. I was actually given option of c section and go through labour because I had c section for my first daughter due to placenta previa.

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Do you have another scan for before your due date? Sometimes the scans are fairly out and babies who are meant to be big /small turn out a fairly average size.

I had an induction as my babies grown look to have slowed down, she was showing as 7lb 4 and came out 6lb 1 so quite different to what I was expecting.

If they're very confident that baby is going to be big, you're at risk of complications such as that baby can be more likely to experience an injury like shoulder dystocia, where the baby’s shoulder gets stuck behind your pelvic bone.

If your midwife or doctor suspects shoulder dystocia, they might try to manipulate your baby to try and move them and if that doesn’t work, your doctor may use a vacuum device or foreceps or recommend an emergency C-section.

I think I were on your position I would ask your midwife or obstetrician or consultant what they would recommend if they were you. If you're scheduled for an elective c-section, you can do lots of the same things as a normal birth now, like they can still do delayed cord cutting and skin to skin straight away. For me it would be the better option than having to have an emergency c-section if doing it naturally became an issue.

You might find at your next scan though that things have levelled out and baby is looking a more average size, the measurements can sometimes be really out, so matinee wait till your next scan to make a decision.

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Hills2005 in reply to Seb9

Thanks for your reply. Yes I have another growth scan @ 38 weeks hope baby will be normal size. But now am really considering elective c section I think it will be best considering with Covid-19. I really wouldn’t prefer to have so many interventions to try and pull the baby out so if my next scan still shows baby on the bigger side I’ll just go for c section. I know these measurements are sometimes not true but they could be true as well. Am seeing my midwife next week so I’ll have a good chat with her

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Hey hun that's not actually too big...but I guess put your height into consideration maybe a bit big. I'm currently almost 38 weeks and at my 36 week scan baby was measuring 4 weeks ahead..98th percentile and estimated 8.1lbs already 😬😩 I am a bit taller than you at 5,9 but like you I'm still freaking out. Appt at hospital next week to discuss induction which is likelt yo happen at 39 weeks because of his size, and my age (40) I almost wish they would just give me a c section as why go through a labour that may not progress anyways and put baby in distress. It's really scary isnt it. Let's hope the scans are wrong as by going off my last 2 (baby gained 2 lbs in 3 weeks) I'm looking at a 10lb baby if it is correct 😩 best of luck hun I'm sure we will be fine 😘😍❤💙

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Redshoes28 in reply to Niki_B

Will they allow you at this point to choose to have a C section?

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Hills2005 in reply to Redshoes28

Don’t really know, I’ll have to ask my midwife on Thursday

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Hills2005 in reply to Niki_B

Thanks for your reply hope they get the weight wrong for you too. But you right I was told someone who’s 6 feet they would have not been so much concerned. I am like you now I would prefer to have a planned c section I will discuss with my MW as am seeing her on Thursday. All the best to you too ❤️❤️

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I must say that growth scans are not always reliable. .. I was having scans every 2-3 weeks as baby was supposedly ly under 10th centile from week 29... At week 37 then told he was 25th.centile. he was born at 8 lbs 6! So might be worth seeing if the next scan changes much. I wouldn't have thought being in hospital at the moment is the best idea with covid, but worth discussing the pro and cons with your team.

I had to be induced but opted for the home induction first (ie you go home with a pessary and come back when in labour) to avoid being on the ward, and was also suggested by consultant.

Good luck

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Thanks for your reply, yes I have heard they do get this wrong all the time. Am having on last growth scan so hopefully baby won’t be chubby 😁. I have heard of induction but some said it can make labour long.

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Hey lovely,

I had a growth scan at 34+4 and baby’s estimated weight was 5lb9oz which I was told was normal, she was born at 39+4 and weighed 7lb3oz. No intervention, just gas and air. So definitely don’t think it means you’ll have a big baby or a complicated birth!xx

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Hills2005 in reply to KiboXX

Thanks for your reply, this is really reassuring. Amazingly how they got your little ones weight wrong. Xx

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