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High Risk and feeling neglected

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I’m high risk and 11 weeks pregnant. Been trying for 17 years to get pregnant, have had fertility treatment etc and have finally fallen. I’ve told my GP surgery twice I am pregnant and the receptionist said she’s put me on the list for the midwife to call me for booking in etc. I’ve not heard anything and in fact after I told my GP she actually hadn’t even referred me, the receptionist did when I called to chase it. I’ve recently moved to a new area and this is a new GP to me, I feel neglected and that they don’t understand the struggle I’ve had to conceive. I’ve had several misc over the years and I’ve also had major surgery on my stomach so I know for a fact that the foetus isn’t getting everything it should be from me no matter how many supplements I pump into myself

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I don’t know if this varies by region but my doctors couldn’t/wouldn’t refer to the midwives, I had to contact them directly. I just found the relevant number on the NHS website and called them and they called back within 2 hours and I had my first phone appointment two days later. Perhaps it’s worth having a look online and finding contact details for them directly x

Can you speak to your fertility team, who you've had the treatment with? Could they offer you advice as to how to get put on a high risk track? Your booking in appointment should have been at around week 8, so I would definitely chase this again with your surgery on Monday and ask for the number for the midwives of they haven't got in touch with you despite being told off your pregnancy from the surgery.

If you're concerned on the meantime, you could book a private scan for reassurance. They can only check that the pregnancy is viable, not for your booking in, but it might put your mind at ease, if you're worried.

Your scan with the nhs can be done up to 14 weeks with your bloods for your quad test, so you have a few weeks to get it booked in by, but I wouldn't be off the phone chasing if it was me at this point, especially if you've followed their instructions on how to refer to the midwife.

Good luck x

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Unfortunately even though the treatment was on the nhs it wasn’t under the same health authority as I’ve relocated. I think I’m gonna nag them on Monday

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I would try and call the hospital you would be under. I never went through my GP to refer to a midwife as it’s all done online on the hospital website. I then saw midwife at 10 weeks (pre covid) and scan was ordered by her at that appt for 12+4 x

I’m sorry this is happening. Like other people have said, try and get in touch with the hospital’s midwife team directly.

Even once you do though, I found that despite being high risk no one was really interested until I was past 12 weeks. It’s almost as though in their minds anything before that is a write off which is really hard to cope with.

At 12 weeks they should give you your first scan and blood tests at the very least. Also the midwife should refer you to any specialists that you need. X

Hi first of all congratulations,and I know your scared and just like you I am pregnant and also high risk because of that I am under the antenatal team at the hospital,so consultant led ,my gp referred me to the hospital ,hope this helps

Hi, congratulations on your pregnancy. I'm sorry you're having this experience after what you must have gone through. It varies by area but in my case I had to self refer which the gp didn't know so she filled some forms and it was only a few days later she found out. I went to the page of the hospital I was planning to give birth in and found the form to self refer. Maybe you can check if that's an option for you too? Definitely chase it with the gp too.

Good luck with everything x

Hi firstly congratulations.. normally these days GPs no longer refer to the midwives, you have to ring refer yourself, maybe the receptionist didn't know this? I would try contacting your local midwives directly as GPs really dont get involved in antenatal care. I work in a GP surgery too and anything related to pregnancy etc is always dealt with by your local midwifery team and hospital. Once you have had your booking in appt which normally is about an hour long (they will ask you your past history etc etc) if they deem you high risk they will put you under a consultant but due to the times we are living in with Covid services aren't normal so you need to be prepared that you may have to have telephone consultations or not as many face to face consultations as normal. Also the NHS teams are under a lot of strain at the moment especially with covid lockdowns, different tiers etc so they have to adapt to changing climate all the time, but if you are worried you just need to call your local midwives. If you are 11 weeks pregnant as said above I would try and call them and sort this asap as you need to be booked in for your first scan (12 weeks). Good luck, try not to worry x

I can only echo what the others have said: contact the midwives/antenatal directly.

It must vary from local. My GP surgery receptionist booked me in with the midwife. I am also high risk and my hospital consultant arranged my high risk hospital obstrectic clinics. I was seen once a month in clinic and had additional scans along side normal community midwife appointments.

I’ve had 3 mmc I expected to get early scans and abit more attention I guess but no just the same, I did self refer to the epu for an early scan but was only allowed one, where as I presumed they’d scan at least every 2w as my clinic said weekly but no apparently not. Also we have always contacted midwives directly not through gp the reception has the number to give out they used to have a early pregnancy meeting pre covid talking about do’s and don’ts & procedures which was nice for 1st time pregnancies & they would arrange for the midwife to ring. Hope you have managed to contact them and have been seen and all is well x

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