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Work and SPD(pelvic and pubic dysfunction)lets us pregnant peeps rant about work !

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Well I've been practically told to come off furlough it's clear work don't want me off any longer and now I've started having symptoms of SPD I find it hard to walk properly and for long periods work have said I can have a chair to rest but honestly I just wanna rest at home let's have a rant here about work and pregnancy.i thought I was out of the woods till SPD started I've asked for a referral but can't be seen till November 26th so frustrating.can I even have off sick for this ?I work in retail and my maternity leave dosent start for another 8 weeks roll on roll on

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Good morning, I had spd really bad with my 4th pregnancy, I spoke to my gp and he signed me off sick repeatedly until my maternity leave started which was about 6 or 7 weeks in total. My advice to you would be to call and speak to your gp ASAP and get signed off from work. My spd got so bad I needed crutches and sometimes a wheelchair, don't take any risks, rest as much as possible.

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I think I'll ring g.p on Monday as I've not been well at all I feel like I have to put a brave face on because they want me back .last night I had rapid heart palpitations I think I'd ate too much chocolate I didn't even realise it had caffeine in till I looked online and it said it contains caffeine so feel slightly guilty as still having palpitations And a bit worried about my baby those she's still wriggling about in their.ive got spd and can't have consultation till 26th November and just feel generally tired and all that stuff it frightens me as well I work with public and people don't stick to rules on my risk assessment appointment yesterday this old lady stood directly next to me in the shop like the rule didn't exist then people tried to come in without masks I just feel like I don't need that trying to keep hydrated to cancel out the fact I ate so much chocolate.

How many weeks are you now? My midwife said we shouldn't work past 28 weeks. (Due to lockdown I've just been furloughed at 25 weeks) Do you have a risk assessment in place? Ask for that to be reassessed.

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I'm almost 26 weeks things don't feel great with me at the minute last night had terrible heart palpitations I think I ate too much chocolate.i have just done a risk assessment nothing has been flagged up they have just said I should speak to my doctor if there's an issue I should be refurloughed they just keep saying how I've had a lot of time off it's really getting me down as I don't really feel well generally so feel like I'm putting it on for them


I think from 28 weeks you should be furloughed as I couldn't do any meetings face to face and had to work from home. I would speak to the Dr and get signed off or speak to the union. I'm not sure where you live but lockdowns are coming in all the time and despite being a key worker I haven't had to leave the house as in the third trimester. X

Good morning. I am self employed and work with the public, so furlough isn’t an option for me. I work long hours Cos it’s impossible to say no to people. So even starting maternity leave at 28 weeks won’t work for me either. When your self employed you can’t take 6 months mat leave after baby is here. I am entitled to SMP from the government but it’s not much. So I will have to work as far up as I can and have as little time off as I can. X

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Yes not much rights when self employed I'm just worried about my health and have spd the assessment has not been fully done because of this .thats what I don't understand how I can come back when they don't have full answers

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