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Hi, ive been trying to wean my 6.5 month old. He’s fine when he has it but then when I give him his milk (with carobel thickener) in it next time he comes up in a rash on his neck and face. It goes down again but worried the more I give the worse it is. It’s out me off weaning as happens with everything especially fruit or veg. Any ideas or advice would be appreciated . Doctors and hv not much help.

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Hi there. Do you use carobel thickener as recommended by your GP for a specific condition? I’ve no experience with this product.

When you say you’ve been trying to wean him and ‘he’s fine when he has it’ what is it that you’re giving him?

It could be something is causing him a mild allergy but it’s not really clear what you’re giving him.

If the Dr or HV recommended the carobel I’m surprised they’re not more helpful in guiding you in the usage?

Amz- in reply to Pasaeoco01

Hi, he has thickener to help with silent reflux. I got it and checked with a gp who said it’s fine to use, and they would recommend it. It’s basically a starch to thicken the milk. He has tried, pear puréed, apple purée, banana, custard. Every time he has something to eat, later on when he drinks his milk a blotchy rash appears whilst drinking the milk and then fades away. I assume it’s the solids causing it as it only happens when he tries them.

The gp say could be intolerance to milk, another gp said it won’t be an intolerance to milk, and hv says talk to the gp. So I just don’t know

Amz- in reply to Amz-

Saying that he is ok with the rice wafers. But he’s desperate to eat everything and I’m too nervous now incase he has a worse reaction.

Seb9 in reply to Amz-

If baby has a rash I would book an appointment with your doctor straight away. You won't be able to get medical advice on here and rashes can be very serious.

Some other things I would look at at. What milk are you giving him? If the rash is coming up after the milk, then I would think this is the issue nothing to do with the food baby isn't coming out in the rash as soon as food is goven.

If baby has relux could you try baby Gaviscon which is what I think is normally prescribed. I've had no experience with Carobel but if the milk is too thick could it be hard for baby to get the milk and the rash is just redness from straining to get it through the teat.

When your feeding solids I personally would start with vegetables as fruits are more reactive in general. I would try some brocoli flowers boiled and some sweet potato mashed up as they are less likely to cause a reaction. Potato, carrot, parsnip, swede all mashed or in fingers cooked to soft.

I would only feed one food per meal and keep a food diary of what brings up the rash. Strawberry for example are quite a common allergen.

I would assume he's been having milk with thickener before starting to wean. Did he have the rash before? If so it's more likely to be something else you're giving him. I would make sure you only introduce one thing at a time, and only introduce a new food every week days so you can better track the caus of it.

It's definitely not irritation from the bib around his neck? Poor little fella, hope you can work out what's going on soon xxx

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