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Anxiety on the run up to a scan


I’m 10 weeks today and found out at 6 weeks. I had an early scan at 6 weeks 4 days. My 12 week scan is on the 11th November and I can’t help but keep having worries and anxiety over something being wrong. It’s my first pregnancy so I guess I’m just after a bit of reassurance that how I’m feeling is normal? I don’t want to get another private scan and end up getting reliant on having them regularly. I’ve got two close friends who have recently had miscarriages and it’s hard to not get a little paranoid after hearing so many stories. My main symptoms - sore breasts, nausea and fatigue have all started to pass. Any reassurance would be much appreciated before I drive myself insane!

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Symptoms comes and go. All my nausea settled by week 9 during my third pregnancy ... And I just had a healthy baby 5 days ago. Hope all goes well.

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Completely normal I feel the same before all my scans. I find it gets easier when you can feel them move but still for my 20 week scan I worry something will be wrong. I am not sure you ever stop worrying completely even when here just learn to not let it get to big.

I’m 8w my next scan should be around 19/11 I had a scan at 6+5 it’s a long wait I’ve had 3 mc before this pregnancy and I’m super anxious too but scans make me anxious aswel I’m praying that at the 12w scan everything is ok.

Hi hun. Are you not under the miscarriage clinic? They should scan you frequently x

What mc clinic there isn’t one, midwife and epu told me no to extra scans only that one I referred myself for. Even I was told my next pregnancy I’d get early scans didn’t think they meant 1

There is miscarriage clinics? Are you in UK? I've had numerous losses and after 2 mainly 3 you have every right to be investigated under the miscarriage clinic reocurrent miscarriage clinic. They take extra tests and try to find a reason for your losses and monitor you when your pregnant up until 13 weeks. X

Oh yeah that’s the fertility clinic had tests done all fine signed off over a year ago they said they aren’t involved monitoring with a new pregnancy it would be the epu and your midwife.

No fertility and mc clinic totally different. You need to ask your Gp or midwife to get your referred to a miscarriage clinic. They monitor you throughout the first trimester I'm surprised no professional has mentioned this to you. Fertility is to help people TTC miscarriage clinic is to help people with reocurrent losses where abouts in uk are you? X

It’s the same clinic I think, it’s the genetics clinic the centre for life at Newcastle

I feel upset for you that you've been left alone like this considering your history. I'd get intouch with tommys if i was you im not sure if there is any centres up in Newcastle but they can send you info that you can give to midwife gp and that will help you get the reasurrance hopefully that you need. X how far are you now. When did you have your scan? X

I feel abit pissed really I just want one more scan not asking much, I think Tommy’s is Birmingham and London abit far and by the time they sort stuff it’ll probably be too late. I’m supposed to get more scans later in my pregnancy due to my age but not before. I could lie and ring the epu say I have cramps but why should I have too. All abit crap

It really is its so disappointing i wish you was in my local area i had one of the top m c consultants really is disgusting try put your foot down explain your anxieties with Gp midwife etc tell them its affecting your mental health. Least they can do is a scan every fortnight but every week I'd, fight for. Flipping heck it's like torture i really can imagine how its doing you no good x

Thank you for your responses x

I just found Dr Steve raymond in Newcastle. For reocurrent miscarriages. Maybe look him up x

I just looked that’s in Australia lol

Donut sorry. I just seen a Dr at Newcastle upon tyne hospital I'll try link it x

Meenakshi Choudhary. Can't link for some reason but at that hospital its got her email. Worth a shot to give her an email and tell her your worries in the mean time contact your gp and midwife and explain your anxieties, they can't leave you like that x. How far are you now?

That’s who I saw 2018 I’m 8w+2

OK. Well Tommy's will still help you even if you can get down there. They back you up with paper work knowledge that you can take to drs midwifes. I know a lady that couldn't get there but they helped her get the tests scans she needed sometimes that extra back up is what's needed its really sad to even say that, but us women seem to get the 💩 end of stick especially when it comes to these types of things x

I’ve just messaged someone who was in contact with Tommy’s and the centre for life she’s pregnant again I’ve just asked her some questions.

That's good wish you luck hun really do hope this pregnancy is the one for you. I'm so sorry youve been left the way you have. 😘🤗💗 I'll keep a look out for your updates x

Thank you x

Even Tommy's get in touch with them they will definitely help you. Such a wonderful charity for losses x

This is definitely relatable, I felt exactly the same. My symptoms subsided at around 9 weeks and I was so anxious leading up to my 12 week scan. But all was fine, and my baby was jumping around all over the place. Paranoia in pregnancy is totally normal, and I know it's difficult, but try and stay positive.

Totally relate to you here. I’m currently 11+6 and I have my 12 week scan this Friday coming, it’s the longest wait! I have had 3 private scans so far just for my own peace of mind, Cos if that’s what it takes il do it! I suffered a miscarriage in July, so I can’t actually believe I’ve gotten this far and I’m a paranoid wreck, totally normal. Keep your chin up, and have lots of rest xxx

Best of luck and hope Friday is amazing for you x

Thanks so much everyone! It’s a relief to hear others feel the same and I appreciate your comments x

Good luck hun just try to remember this is your journey and your friends try not to compare. It is nerve wracking all the way through. Wish you luck at your scan x

I feel you!

I’m 10w on Monday and going for a second scan at the Early Pregnancy Unit due to bleeding.

This weekend is a total write off (not that there’s a world of fun for most people at the moment, especially not in Tier 3!) I’m worrying constantly and running through all the scenarios I can possibly imagine.

It’s the first time I’ve been keen for a Monday to arrive that’s for sure!

Your feelings are perfectly normal. It’s and odd feeling when they symptoms subside but you don’t ‘feel’ pregnant. I’ve been wondering if I imagined the whole thing.

AllWeNeedIsluv in reply to Sprog

Bless you hun its so hard when your bleeding isn't it? I've had a right drama since the beginning of this week then started spotting on thursday after iv had some blood thinning injections im 10+4 seen Epu everything OK so far but when your bleeding it just puts you on a complete downer. I hope things continue to go well for you hun. Good luck at your scan x

Sprog in reply to AllWeNeedIsluv

Glad your okay so far! Will they be seeing you again soon? Or is the next one your 12 weeks?

I bled for 3 days before the Early Pregnancy scan, and then about 8 days afterwards too! But I figured there was no point rushing back as if the bleeding was continuing it would only settle my mind for 24hrs, if that.

Touch wood the last two days have been okay so we will see...

Hope your next one goes well too x

AllWeNeedIsluv in reply to Sprog

Tbh now I've had the scan to confirm bubz is in the right spot, i don't think ill go back even if it gets worse, they didn't find a reason for the bleeding and there's nothing they can do if i was to miscarry they did tell me to ring If it does get worse or anything new. But there's no point. My dating scan is on 3rd Nov so ill just hang out till then.

Its such a headache isn't it, so hard to rest even seeing everything is ok, how is your bleeding now? Did they find a reason for it? X

Sprog in reply to AllWeNeedIsluv

That was my thought too.

As I was only 8 weeks they told me to come back in two weeks so that’s Monday. Next one (dating scan) will 9th Nov if all is well! 🤞🏻

Nope, no reason either! Hope the 3rd brings you happy news that all is well ❤️

AllWeNeedIsluv in reply to Sprog

Such a limbo situation.

.All the best for Monday. I'll look out for your updates!!

Thanks hun 😘💗

Sprog in reply to AllWeNeedIsluv

Not good news for us unfortunately. But I hope to hear that yours is. XxX

Laurendawn in reply to Sprog

I’m really sorry to hear that. Sending love xx

Sprog in reply to Laurendawn

Thanks Laurendawn. Don’t let my bad news panic you though.

Symptoms do subside as time goes on. You’ll be fine xx

AllWeNeedIsluv in reply to Sprog

Oh hun. Im so so sorry. Bless you. Here if you need to chat. Sending you hugs 😘💗

Sprog in reply to AllWeNeedIsluv

Thanks AllWeNeedIsluv

Keeping my fingers crossed your scan goes perfectly xx

AllWeNeedIsluv in reply to Sprog

Bless you lovely. So kind of you. 😘💗 so sorry you've gone through this my love its heartbreaking xx


I am exactly the same as you i am 8weeks and 6days and had a miscarriage and got caught again right away i had a scan on monday and they never said anything was wrong but my symptoms i had early on have also passed which is making my anxiety worse and i wont get my 12 weeks scan for 3weeks i thought about paying for private but my partner would go mad and say i'm being silly this is also my first, i hope your feeling better about things

Hi, I was told I couldn't have children and tried for 7 years with my ex-husband, except 5 years ago i had positive urine and blood tests but at the scan at 6 weeks there was no baby. Fast forward 5 years I am now 12 wks and 6 days. I have had 2 scans one at 6 wks and one at 9wks both with heart beat and everything was fine but I had had some bleeding so they were being cautious. I have my 12 wk dating scan on the 10/11 when I will be 13 wks and 3 days and I am beyond anxious its a constantly feeling of tension no matter what I'm doing and I have had a few pains over the last couple of days and my symptoms have reduced and it is horrible so I called the midwives and they are going to refer me to the perinatal mental health team. They know all about anxiety and give you ways to manage it etc. So what I am actually saying is maybe its a good idea to speak to your midwives and ask for some support in managing your anxiety about it all amd hopefully they can refer you to someone who knows what they're talking about. Good luck lovey Xxx

Laurendawn in reply to Violet970

Thanks for your reply - I hope you’re feeling ok and completely understand why you’d feel so anxious. I’m actually feeling better but I think it’s because I told some friends so I had people to talk to about it. It’s my scan on the 11th November so not long to wait now. I hope yours goes well for you xx

I'm 8+5 today and feel EXACTLY the same. I've had a date through for my scan on 14th December. for the past 3 weeks or so my symptoms of Nausea, Fatigue, and Sore Breasts have been the same as you describe and seem to be "not as bad as last week" I'm also panicking and understand how you're feeling. I hope all is well for you.

Laurendawn in reply to Monkeybek

I hope it makes you feel a little better to know that all of my symptoms have continued to decrease week by week but I had my 12 week scan last week and everything is perfect! X

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