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11 weeks Pregnant - lack of communication/results/appointments


Hi everyone, I'm stressed! I have finally almost reached the 12 week milestone after two miscarriages last year. I have my NHS 12 week scan next week (although I had a private scan last week - all fine) Anyway, my midwife has been hopeless. The lack of communication is really worrying me. She took two weeks to reply to my first question (by which time it was too late) and has completely ignored my second. I had booking bloods done at my local hospital over a month ago, I've had no results. My thyroid still hasn't been tested despite her saying she would monitor it (I have an underactive thyroid) .The app she told me to use (Maternity Notes/Badgernet) contains no useful information or test results. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is it because of covid or is this just normal? I am wondering if I might see someone at my 12 week scan, and maybe get some blood results then? The appointment letter just says it is a scan though so I'm not sure. Sorry for all the questions!!

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Hi lovely. Congratulations hun. So sorry for your previous losses!! Also really sorry for lack of communication with midwife! Probably is due to covid! Could you not ring your Gp ask for a chase up on your bloods and also ask them to do your thyroid bloods, I'm sure they'd do them hun. Wishing you all the best for your scan next week 😘💗

Thank you so much. I tried my GP regarding my thyroid, they said they have huge delays with blood tests at the moment and i would be lucky to get one within the next 3 weeks, so I've booked a private one which wasn't as expensive as i thought it would be! I am not sure if my thyroid was the reason i miscarried the first time so i am extra careful now! I didnt think about asking them about my other blood test results, I'll call them again. Thank you!

Hi, congratulations!! I was told by my midwife that I’d get my blood results at my 16 week appointment, I think they’d only call you if there was a problem. Re thyroid, I’m also underactive and my gp surgery does those. I was advised to book a blood test every 4 weeks until the third trimester and also to make sure I booked a call with the gp for the results every time rather than asking reception or getting a text as they need to be interpreted differently when pregnant. Hope that helps a bit 😊

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Thank you :-) I hate that they only call if there is a problem! I have had so many issues in the past - blood tests going missing, wrong tests being ordered, results being interpreted incorrectly and not being informed when there has been an issue, so I like to see the actual results so I can check what has been tested and what the results are. I am a control freak I think!! :-) Your GP sounds like they are very 'on it' with regards to thyroid which is great. I wish mine was more like yours! I've booked a private thyroid test now. Thanks for your help.

Hello, not sure if it’ll help, but it took 6 weeks for my blood results (for downs, edwards etc) to come through via the post. And these results came from the testing department and not from midwife directly. If anything I updated my midwife in the results x

5678sar in reply to Cookie_92

Thank you x

Yeah they are bloody rubbish mine dosent even message back any more only messages if it's something she needs getting fed up as work need my maternity form and I need advice

Afrohair in reply to Afrohair

I'm also down as having high blood pressure and 24 week

5678sar in reply to Afrohair

Thank you for your message. Sorry to hear you are having issues too. Good luck with everything.

Afrohair in reply to 5678sar

I've had a call saying people are on annual leave and not in the office our offices are not manned it's so fustrating

Congratulations, I too have my 12 week scan next week :) I was told I wouldn’t have my blood test results back until my 16 week appointment with the midwife, I would only hear back through a phone call if something was wrong. Good luck, I hope they are more helpful for you x

5678sar in reply to Olivecraven

Thank you, ah ok, I don't even know if I have any appointments scheduled with the midwife! I know I am O resus negative, and that is something they test for at the booking bloods so I expected to receive a letter or call regarding the injections I will need but nope. Maybe more will come to light after my 12 week appointment next week!

Olivecraven in reply to 5678sar

This is my first pregnancy so not 100% about all the detail but personally I’d have your scan and if nothing else is mentioned then give your Drs a call and get a 16 week appointment booked in as it is ideal. Hope you find out everything you need to know at the scan though x all the best

I would say this quite normal before covid, they don't have a huge amount to do with you early in pregnancy. I got told my bloods in passing at my 16 week appointment. Just a oh yeh everything was fine we would have rung if it wasn't. Congratulations and I hope you manage to get more from your midwife but it doesn't sound that unusual.

Thanks. I hate that they deal with it like that, I want to see my actual blood results to check what they have tested for. My friend was really ill after giving birth, turns out she was anaemic and it was shown in her early blood tests but she was never told and nothing was ever done!

I do agree with Claire. My pregnancy was 2 years ago and I saw a different midwife every time, received blood test result at 16 week appointment and took ages to respond to me. They do have a huge amount of women to deal with though mine covered about 4 or 5 gp practices

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Thank you x

Hi there, on my 12 weeks scan I had my blood taken and I had to provide a pee sample (which wasn’t mentioned on the letters), then we discussed the results ok my 16 week appointment with the midwife.

Probably you will get yours taken after your scan?

Good luck and congratulations x

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Thanks for that, hopefully they will do my bloods at the scan too.

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