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40+2 & babies heartbeat dipped

Went to see my midwife for another sweep however after the usual checks she discovered babies heartbeat has dipped slightly so been sent to be monitored.

Heartbeat went from 144 BPM to 110 & stayed like that for 2 mins, feeling quite anxious now

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Take care. Best to be monitored x ❤️

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Thank you 😘

110 is on the lower end of normal, you are probably being monitored to make sure it doesn’t go any lower. Take care x

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Thank you, ended up being on the monitor for over an hour. They did say that she was probably having a restless moment as by the time I got to hospital all seemed well x

Hello, I noticed a difference in my babys heart rate at the last check up. When asked, she advised towards the end of the pregnancy, its natural and okay for the heart rate to be slightly less than usual. She also said when baby is moving, it’ll increase and when baby is resting, it’ll be slower.


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Thank you, all ended up being well. Had the sweep & once home had a bloody show so hopefully she'll make an appearance soon X

Update - waters broke at 3.51am was asked to come in to confirm (contractions have only just started) been booked for induction at 10pm just incase no progress

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Good luck 😊 hope everything is smooth for you :)

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Unless they give you a very good reason to induce try to wait and see if you can get labour to speed up naturally, go for a walk, have a little dance... outcomes for mums and babes are much better after natural birth.

Usually, if they can monitor your temperature then you'll be allowed 24 hrs after your waters break before they start induction....

Good luck with everything love, you're going to meet your little girl soon, one way or another xx

Wish you all the best! My LB was so comfortable the sweep and balloon didn’t do anything 😂.

Try not to worry but if you are go to the day unit and ask for it to be checked again or ask to be induced early xx

It’s because a sonicaid doesn’t give you enough info to show what the resting heart rate is. It could be 110 which is fine, and 140 is just accelerations where babies move more (which you might not necessarily always feel, and can go on for minutes). Hope all ok!

I was induced & stayed in. baby's heart rate monitored every couple of hours. This ended up saving his life!!!!. It kept dipping, so they were extra vigilant, once contractions started examined again and found the cord round his neck. Taken in for cat1 emergency section and born safely and healthy. turns out my little boy was very active - he'd made 2 true knots in his cord during the pregnancy and then once his head was engaged, continued the breakdancing and wrapped the cord round his neck 3 times. Blood flow and heart rate were always good during the pregnancy and nothing picked up in scans - problems only arose for him once labour started - he would not have survived a natural birth. I did have to get my head round all this afterwards but the care and skill I received was second-to-none

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Wow, thank goodness all was well, congratulations on your baby boy and hope you're all doing well xxx

Wow that must have been so horrible, I'm so glad everything turned out ok. Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy 💙 hope your both doing well xx

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