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Due today - impatiently waiting


Today is the long awaiting due date, was really hoping that as this is my 2nd baby she would've made an appearance by now (wishful thinking I know!)

Feeling a mixture of fed up (more so as my hips are feeling really sore) but also sad as it's now the end of pregnancy 😥

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I feel your pain, I'm nearly 38 weeks and really fed up now. Hope it's not too much longer for you xx

Thank you 😘

I know the feeling!

It’s my due date today. I was really hoping my baby would come a little early. I found out I was having a boy and I can’t wait to meet him.

He seems to be comfortable and content inside my belly though.

MsB85 in reply to Blue_eyez

Ahh I really hope you're not waiting much longer either.

I agree babies are definitely too comfy & I don't blame them. I had a sweep on Friday (2 days before due date) but no luck, I would've waited but struggling ATM. Was told I could have another one tomorrow but just feel if the first didn't work should I really put myself through it again? *Sign* x

Blue_eyez in reply to MsB85

Is it uncomfortable, the sweep?

I have another midwife appointment 26th encase it drags on, and then she’ll arrange for me to be induced, which I’ve read can be more painful as your forcing your body to do something it’s not naturally ready to do. If that does happen then atleast this is my First child and I don’t have anything to compare it to!

Even with being induced some people it doesn’t happen straight away Cos they insert like a gel. Some people need it done multiple times.

Thinking about it, I think my friend had to have 2 sweeps before anything happened or it was arranged to have another one but when it came to near the time of the second one she went into labor.

MsB85 in reply to Blue_eyez

For me personally it didn't feel uncomfortable, I read & heard so many stories but it was nothing like I expected - I was expecting her to turn her fingers in a circular motion but she just pushed her fingers in to attempt to break the membrane. My friend suggested going a 2nd time as it will be a different person (my midwife is now on annual leave) so she said they may have a more forcefall technique so maybe I should consider it. I was induced with my 1st 12years ago & I won't lie it was horrendous - I had high blood pressure & protein in my urine which they found out on my due date so they intervened & after 2 gel pessiries that didn't work they broke my waters & was hooked on a drip & monitor for 19hrs so I really really want to avoid that happening again (sorry not trying to scare you, I've been assured things have changed since my 1st)

I'm willing to try anything possible to encourage her out but in reality I know she is only going to come when she's ready 😥


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