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My little man has just turned 9 months

He’s a really bright little button and understands lots of things we say eg he will look and reach when I say where’s grandad? Fetch Teddy? Where’s teddy’s nose Etc

He’s v sociable smiling laughing constantly waving at everyone. He is blowing lots of raspberries and makes lots of vowel sounds oo ee ah etc sometimes he will come out with a “ba” “ma” v occasionally “mama”. I’m just quite worried he isn’t doing any of the long strings of babbling yet like dadadada mamamama etc

I know they’re all different and I’m sur there’s so much variety but I can’t help worrying ! He seems very physical and focused on standing etc so maybe he is concentrating more on that too but just wondered what other babies this age were doing really to reassure me abit

Thanks xx

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Well this is scarily familiar 😂 I've been asking the exact same question about my boy who is 9 months tomorrow. He's also very physical, crawled early and now walks round the furniture etc. Just like you say, he's so much more interested in developing his Physical skills and he doesn't do long strings of babbling at all. He does exactly the same as your son! I literally could have written your post 😊

Flounder84 in reply to Kitcat12

They sound like two peas in a pod!! It’s as if my little man suddenly went abit quieter really since doing all his physical stuff?!

I know typically from what I read it’s 9 months for it to start by - but i guess they have only just turned 9 months so 🤞they have a go with the babble strings soon! Wish I wasn’t such a worry wort really because I’m sure they’ll get there in their own time. It’s probably extra hard as we can’t see many other babies the same age atm either ! X x

Kitcat12 in reply to Flounder84

Yes! I totally agree. I have no other babies to compare him to with to see how he's getting on. So it's good to know that there are other babies out there who are at a similar stage to my boy 😊

My little boy is 2 now, but he was crawling by 4 months and was walking by 9. He didn’t babble much but I’m sure it was because he was much more interested in being on the move. He could do all the things your little boy could do, but just wasn’t really vocal. I couldn’t even get him to sit still to read him a book as he just wanted to be off exploring. His babbling/talking improved very quickly though once he realised he could get to where he wanted to be on his own and is very vocal now. Just keep talking to him and I’m sure it will happen. It’s just a worry when you think they are falling behind x

My boy crawled at 5 and walked at 10.he's 1 now and I always was worried about his communicate/social skills. He is a very happy boy just wouldn't "talk" a lot or wave or clap or really any form of communing other than smiling and crying. I kept saying I wouldn't worry until he's 18-24 months old as he obviously was just into his motor skills. He has now been at nursery full time for a month and totally changed! He constantly babbles, claps and waves now. So please don't worry too much,they'll pick it up quick. If you're not sending them to nursery anytime soon try to find a baby group that's open so they can learn from others their age. I think unfortunately due to covid it's definitely impacted the babies communication skills as there's not really a lot of people to practice with in their lives right now :(

9 months is still so young! My little boy babbled early but has only just started talking at 2 and he is a bright and competent little boy, his physical and comprehension skills developed quicker than his speech. Anecdotally it’s far more common in boys. Try not to worry, keep reading and chatting too him and enjoy the time before all you hear is ‘no’!!

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