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Almost 3month baby with ongoing blocked nose


Hi All

Just wanted to get some advice here as my gp is not helpful with these at all. It's been now a month for my LO with blocked nose. She can breath through the nose however at night and in the morning you can hear her struggling. I used saline nasal spray for her and I try to get rid of some of it by nasal aspirator. It's usually white and clear colour. Which makes me think is it dust allergy or something? Any ideas what I can do to finally get rid of this? She is sometimes chocking on it as well as I hear her cough, which makes me think that it must go down her throat sometimes.. no idea what else I can do...

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Maybe look into a Humidifier. Speak with Gp or health visitor see what they say. x

Our little on seemed to have a constant snuffly nose, we used saline drops, a calpol plug in, snuffle babe rub and a tilted crib.

We never got to find a reason although I'm sure he had silent reflux, a blocked nose can be a sign of silent reflux. If there are any other symptoms maybe worth checking with gp.

Does she snore? It sounds like it could be enlarged adenoids? Lots of info on NHS website regarding this, can cause blocked nose, snoring, runny nose and mucous. Lots of infants get it and grow out of it by the time they are around 6/7. Ask for a referral to an ENT team. Even if it’s not that, an ENT specialist may be able to suggest some other advice re: possible allergies or rhinitis!

Thanks all, I'll speak to my gp again. But they make it feel like it's not a big deal whilst it worries me a lot as it's definitely too long and it started off as a cold and never fully cleared. She doesn't snore though. I'll try the plug and nasal drops and see if that's any help

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