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Ovulation Pain


I have recently come off contraception around 6 weeks ago and since my last period I estimated my ovulation date to be around yesterday, and in the late evening, I happened to have very intense cramping which started off on one side. After doing the dreaded Google, I have put it down to ovulation pain, although that's me guessing. I am still experiencing pain today but it isnt as intense as last night.

Has anyone else experienced this since coming off contraception?

I don't recall pains like this when I came off contraception to try for my first baby.

Thank you x

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Hi. Can i ask have you had any infections since your first child? Was your child born via c section? I never had ovulation pain until after i stopped breast feeding my daughter! After a lap i found my tubes were partially blocked. Researched and put it down to my cesction (although i do have endometriosis) so it could be that. I used to get it really bad couldn't stand sitting or anything. Now i know when im going to ovulate i feel tender the day it happens the evening it happens it's intense and a couple days after im tender. X

NE90 in reply to AllWeNeedIsluv

I had a vaginal birth about 14 months ago now. I needed an episiotomy at the time. I have just had thrush since my birth, probably around 7 times in total. I had swabs done by my doctor and no abnormalities were found and I had been told to manage with pessary from the chemist. Its been almost 3 months since my last bout of thrush as I have learnt how to better prevent it now. I have previously had two operations to remove abnormal cervical cells, both were in 2017. I am still feeling pain now although not as worse as last night. Just never felt this before tis all.

Thank you for your response :) x

AllWeNeedIsluv in reply to NE90

So weird I've battled with thrush since having my son nearly 2 years ago. Fluconzonale i think that's how you spell it has got on top of mine!!

Mention it to your drs, its what prevented me from falling pregnant a second time but thankfully i researched after my lap and found a natural way to clear the scar tissue from my tubes. Wish you luck hun x

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