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I have just found out I am around 4/5 weeks pregnant. After suffering a miscarriage last year and trying for 15 months to conceive again the anxiety is eating away at me.

I am so happy to be pregnant again but cannot stop worrying and I really do not want to stress! I’m holding back from being happy because I am fearing the worst :(

I think I have an infection which my doctor has sent off swabs & urine sample but I’m getting really mild “period” if you like type of cramps. Is this normal in early pregnancy? Am I overthinking too much?

Anyone thats been in my position I would really appreciate some advice and what you done to help with the worries.

Thank you xx

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Cramps are normal so try not to worry. If they get severe then speak to your GP.

We were trying for 20 months to get this far (currently 8 weeks and having some issues)

I’m not sure what can help with the worry however! If you find out please let me know! X

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The cramps have eased off a little bit just general pregnancy symptoms now!

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

If I get any tips I’ll let you know. Hope all goes well :) x

Sprog in reply to anonymous1-

That’s great to hear ❤️

Hi I’ve had 3 mmc been ttc for 3 yrs I’m currently nearly 7w just had a scan all looks fine so far I’ve been massively anxious even at the scan my heart was beating out my chest with nerves. But I feel better knowing it’s viable so far & a little less anxious. Maybe try to get and early scan privately if that’s an option.

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So sorry to hear it’s such a heartbreaking situation to go through but congratulations on your pregnancy:)

We are booking an early scan and hoping this can calm me a little more.

Hope all goes well x

I know exactly what you mean - it’s that feeling of ‘my period is just about to arrive’. I’m 11 weeks now, still get the feeling (albeit a bit less now). I think it’s the same muscles but allowing for your uterus to expand. It scared me a lot, I’ve gotten used to it, but I do still take a deep breath every time I visit the loo preparing myself for worst.

Totally understand the stress, I’m 40, this is my first pregnancy and it’s IVF so I know it’s probably now or never. Only advice is to accept you’re going to be anxious for the next few weeks, but it’s not forever and you have absolutely no control over what happens so worrying won’t help you one way or the other . I stressed less when the morning sickness kicked in as I felt that was a sign things were progressing, also it meant I had less energy for worrying.

It’s hard, I can’t bring myself to be excited yet either.

Good luck xx

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Thank you for your kind words. It’s nice (in a weird way) to know I’m not alone!

I’ve started to calm down a little although I am so superstitious right now!

Congratulations on your pregnancy:)

Hope all goes well. Xx

I experienced a missed miscarriage, and it’s heartbreaking. Congratulations on being pregnant again though, the worry side of things honestly doesn’t go away & I know exactly what you mean by struggling to be happy, because so many emotions are overtaking it. Take it day by day, any worries speak to your GP. Hope all goes well for you, I’m now 28 weeks and having a little boy & never thought I’d get here. Your be ok x

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Thank you and congratulations on your pregnancy:)

Hope all goes well. Xx

The cramps may also be if you have a urine infection i suffered with uti's all through my last pregnancy and that was a sure sign I had one. Hope all goes well with the pregnancy x

Hi there,

I cramped frequently in the beginning of my pregnancy, I think that every time my uterus expanded I felt like my period was coming. At one point I had some strong cramping all day followed by mild bleeding the next morning. I went in for a Doppler & the heartbeat was fine. I am 32 weeks now and still occasionally get episodes of period-like pains. I believe the cramping calmed down somewhere around 15 weeks. Drinking water did seem to help. It is so hard to stay positive after everything we’ve been through! I would even start to worry about a lack of symptoms! Once you start to feel the baby move it helps ❤️

It really is so stressful! I had a Mmc back in March and I am now 10 weeks pregnant, I’ve had cramps ever since I found out and they tend to get worse around the time I’m usually due on. In most cases it’s just the ligaments stretching to make it nice and cosy for your little one. All I can suggest and it’s easier said than done but I found listening to music, going on a walk or writing a plan for the week ect can help, so far I haven’t let myself get to excited because my main aim is to get to 12 week scan without worrying to much. I hope all goes well for you..... and congratulations 🥳 xx

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