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Brown spotting at 6 weeks pregnant


My first pregnancy and I will be 6 weeks tomorrow, the last couple of days I have had brown/deep red spotting whenever I go to the toilet, rang up gp and she said that It could be normal and just to monitor and if it gets heavy with cramping or pain to call back immediately. Has anyone else had this and everything been ok? I’m terrified of a miscarriage.

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If could be implantation bleeding, if its only light or brown blood.

That's quite common in early pregnancy. Good luck x

You wouldn’t believe how much I’ve been reading about early pregnancy bleeding this past four days!

I’m bleeding a lot at the moment and v worried.

However light bleeding is perfectly normal so don’t be alarmed, if it gets heavier then you can always speak to your Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit and they may be able to do an early scan.

If you ring your epu not your gp and tell them you’ve had a bleed they might arrange a scan sometime spotting is fine but best to get checked out.

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