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Positive pregnancy test???



Does anyone else see a very faint line? I thought I did but now I’m not sure 😩

I’ve recently got the contraceptive implant removed as I’m ready for my second baby now.

A month of having it removed and no period, stomach cramps, got an increase of discharge and sore fuller boobs.


Thank you so much 😊 x

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Sorry I cant see the line, try doing another test with your first wee in the morning x

I don’t see anything sorry, the implant can take a while for your periods to return so good luck xx


I don't see a line, but if you can the likelihood is it is an evap line x

I don't see a line sorry no. I had the implant for 7 years before trying for a baby last year though and fell pregnant pretty much straight away so it's not always the case that it takes time.(i count my blessings it happened so fast)

I had the implant out 11/9 and had 2 days of bleeding albeit v light on 14/15th.

Four weeks later and I had lower back pain and sore boobs so took some cheap home tests (I bought a multipack off amazon before buying expensive ones to confirm weeks etc ) they came back negative. On 26/10 I did a clear blue digital but again it said not pregnant. One week later (2/11) and my boobs were so sore and full and I did another cheap test and it came back positive and the clear blue then said 2-3 weeks. So I put it down to low hcg levels. Turned out I was already 5 wks by then when I had my dating scan.

So keep your head up and try again In a few days time. Good luck and I hope you get your positive test soon xx

I can't see one im afraid. If you're ever not sure shine a light behind it but don't leave it past the recommended time as you could be seeing an evaporation line. Also get cheap tests then the clear blue ones to confirm.

I can't see a line. Try a first response. I got a positive a week before my period was due, I was trying for a long time and trust me once you see that line even if its faint you will not need to squint! Good luck

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