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Is it just me? ☹️🤔


I have had a v bumpy year and with the pandemic, this has made things all the more difficult. I am in the middle of trying to access treatment. Every referral has either been rejected or lost. No one ever calls or emails me back when i've tried to chase things and as the patient, this is becoming so stressful to the point it's counterproductive and i'm seriously thinking about self managing myself, even though I know I need help. No point to this post, just massively upset and let down and needed to vent. I feel like an insignificant number and losing so much hope that I will ever make a full recovery. Has anyone else found this or is it me?

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Not had this personally but work in a GP surgery and constantly getting patients ringing chasing referrals. Unfortunately there is such a big back log from Covid and in my area they only started seeing routine patients at the end of July and that is obviously with referrals dating back from around Jan/Feb.

Unfortunately there isn’t a lot that can be done other than doing what you are doing and chasing it constantly ☹️ x

I understand the need to chase referrals but the constant being told someone will call when they don't, my referrals being lost and nothing actioned. have had some referrals rejected. I received a formal apology about my post natal care, completely mismanaged and caused so many complications to the extent I needed surgery which was cancelled twice. My confidential maternity notes were posted through someone elses letter box (completely open file, not sealed!) All this has had a terrible impact on mental health. As a result I am off work and unable to access any therapy. It's completely unacceptable and making me feel so low 😥

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