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Is it start of labor?


I am 40 + 1 today.had bloody show yesterday morning. At night period like cramps and continuous lower back and abdomen tightening started. In the morning today tightening are on and off after few fix time pattern. Urge to go toilet has increased.pelvic pain increased too. First time mom.kindly reply with your suggestions/tips etc... thanks

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Yes, I believe it is. Those were my symptoms too. Contractions may be erratic for a while but gradually increase in frequency and intensity throughout the day. I just went with it until the pain became quite intense (doubling over) then I went to the hospital. Back rubs or walking might help. Good luck. How exciting...x

Moon20 in reply to Tiddly1984

Thankyou...x . It gave me some hope. Cant wait to see the end of this pain. ...x

Tiddly1984 in reply to Moon20

It ends. It’s hard, but it ends! Stay strong and when it’s over treasures what comes after. That first day in the hospital, it’s very surreal but it happens and then passes all so quickly. You’ll forever think back on it. Good luck you’re in for something amazing when you feel that rubbery bundle of weight placed on your chest. You can do this. It’s hard, like I said, hardest thing I’ve done but it ENDS...x

It defo sounds like it could be, good luck I hope all goes well 😁 as said above it will end and then you will have your little bundle of joy in your arms treasure every moment and make lots of memories xx

Sounds like early labour. My contractions started exactly the same and were very irregular and varied between 3-7 minutes for three days and nights but without a pattern. I was almost sent home when arrived at the hospital as pain was getting progressively worse and after three sleepless nights I couldn’t take it any longer. We insisted they checked me properly as they wanted to send me home given how irregular the contractions were. I was already 3cm and i was admitted to the labour ward - they broke my waters at 9am and the baby was born naturally At 4pm. Good luck xxxx

Moon20 in reply to MissAP


My situation is similar to is the second day of 5_6 minutes regular sent me back as dilation is 2cm.trying to walk around and eat but sleeping seems impossible. Water hasn't broken yet. Will go back to hospital when pain gets worst.

40 + 3 today. Feeling strong pelvic pressure, cant sit, stand or sleep. Took paracetamol, no effect. Any tips/suggestions please.

cmbxm in reply to Moon20

Lay on your left side with a peanut ball or something like a peanut ball, between your legs, it’ll open up your pelvis and help baby descend if you’re too tired to stand and sway, good luck!! xx

Are you still contracting? X

Yes I am. Before they were coming every 5 minutes lasting 40-50 seconds. Now 8 minutes but much longer contractions 60-70 head is fully engaged and very low in position.

Gets too much go to hospital hun. Wish you all the best !! X

I would get your self to hospital of it's to much, I hope every goes ok 😀 xx

Thankyou.i just been there. They sent home again as dilation is still 2cm.

Hope your ok, I think this is the painful part the contractions but just think your have your bundle of joy soon enough xx

Oh no how frustrating. I hope your OK and things get moving for you quick. It's so tiring x

Same night at 12 my water broke.i phoned they didnt want me to come as contractions were still not regular. I was having more than a minute contractions but irregular times. I listened to my inner instinct and went was very low and after water breaking I was sure its gonna cause more pain.we ran to the hospital.midwife realised i am in strong pains so the waiting game was almost over. After 6 hours of painful labor as dilation was still 2cm I managed to deliver my baby normal.true End is beautiful..💝🎁

Awww congratulations I hope you and baby are doing well 😀 now time for lots of cuddles and making wonderful memories xx

Huge congratulations hun. You did amazing. 😘💖

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