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TMI POST - Bleeding after sex 9 weeks after giving birth


Hey everyone ,

Can I have some advise please before I go bothering the doctors ,

Me and my partner had sex for the first time last week (9weeks postpartum) , and I’ve been bleeding ever since . I’m back on maternity pads now and the blood is very red so it’s not a period as I’m on cerelle pill.

All my stitches etc has healed so I’m just wondering if this is normal as I’ve been bleeding for say 5 days now.

Just don’t want to be bothering the doctors with it if it’s a normal thing that’s all!

Not going to lie it is starting to worry me a little bit now !

Thanks so much guys xxx

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If it’s been 5 days of bleeding it might be your period, cerelle makes me bleed like I’m having a real period and sex has bought on a period in the past, regardless, contact your GP tomorrow because there might be something up xx

sugar0202 in reply to cmbxm

I was in cerelle before I was pregnant and never had one period though and I’ve had no pains so I disregarded that as an option! Thank you I think I’ll have to , that has put my mind at ease though! I wonder if sex can bring on periods because that’s how it feels 😂 xx

cmbxm in reply to sugar0202

Massive TMI but apparently it’s orgasms that can bring on periods which has happened to me before which was a shock when we turned the lights on 😂 Just give the GP a ring tomorrow, they should take it seriously as you’re only 9 weeks PP xx

sugar0202 in reply to cmbxm

Not TMI at all ! I’m starting to think this is what’s happened to me haha thanks so much for messaging I feel so much better and will call tomororw ! Thanks again xx

I’m on cerelle too and my spotting continued until week 23 (roughly 5 months) since I had my first period at 5 weeks pp and started it... I will say I had bleeding after sex until around 20 weeks and when I asked the doctor she said book a smear along with the guidelines of post birth smears BUT that the cervix can be very delicate for up at 12-18 months or it could be spotting blood that was “released” or nudged during sex, either way, pop them a ring and I’m sure they’ll be helpful!

sugar0202 in reply to Danijay

Yes they won’t give a smear until 12 weeks, i already have one booked in as I’m always abnormal anyway so that’s what was making me Over worry but from the replies from you guys, it seems fairly normal but I’m still going to call! Thanks for putting my mind at ease ! Xx

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