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Sickness from tiredness and stress when pregnant


Hello All,

I’m 13 weeks pregnant and feeling exhausted from working as a teacher. I’ve been quite sick the past week (it’s the worst it’s been) and I think it’s stress and tiredness related, I’ve also have two urinary infections back to back. Has anyone else experienced any of this or any other teachers or professions that are constantly on the go out there with advice of how to look after yourself during this time?

Many thanks!

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Hi Lovely,

Congrats on you pregnancy!

I'm already a mum and am 21 weeks pregnant. The first trimester your body is making a lot of changes. You uterus is expanding, your hormones are through the roof. Tiredness in the first trimester is so common because your body is working so hard! I remember barely being able to get out of bed. Early pregnancy symptoms usually ease in the second trimester, over the next few weeks you should be seeing improvement.

You should find that energy levels pick up, and the sickness should also calm. I would advise that if you feel dreadful speak with a GP who can prescribe anti sickness medications! The majority of pregnant ladies feel how your feeling (unless one of the lucky ones)

If you find you are vomiting and can't keep anything down I would advise to contact a doctor as dehydration/keytones in urine requires IV fluids.

Otherwise, take pregnancy vitamins and eat iron filled foods!

best of luck x

Hlibbs03 in reply to Ema1234

Thank you! I have my fingers and toes crossed that I find that ‘sweet spot’ soon and this begins to ease. It’s not helping that I’ve had back to back urine infections... I think my body is telling me to take a few days and rest... so I’ve listened. I’m going speak to my GP as well because the sickness is rather relentless, so thank you for that advise as well!

Thank you again for your help and I wish you the best for rest of your pregnancy.


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